Snowboarding is a lifelong sport; there is always more to learn. Basic technique is always evolving, and the concepts and skills we discuss and demonstrate with the athletes are a constant work in progress. Our athletes strive for lofty goals in a team atmosphere, building on the momentum, enthusiasm and support of each other.


Head Snowboard Coach


Years with SVSEF: Started in 1993 as a coach, PD 1999-2013, Progression Coach 2014-2016.


Hometown: Born in Sun Valley, raised in Portland, Oregon

College: Pacific Northwest College of Art (drop out)!

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Front country specialist!

Ski/ride background: 100+years of skiing in my family! Skateboarding brought me to snowboarding. Never looked back!

Why you coach: Watching the fire get lit never gets old!

Hobbies/other interests: Skateboarding, fishing, art and family time.

Certifications or other professional qualifications: Level 300 USSA/USASA Coach, US National Team Rookie Halfpipe Coach 2017-2018, IMD Snowboard Sports Committee Member




Kaitlyn Farrington

2014 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist in snowboard halfpipe

Chase Josey

6th place at the 2018 Winter Olympics in snowboard halfpipe



at the SVSEF Air Barn