Snowboarding is a lifelong sport; there is always more to learn. Basic technique is always evolving, and the concepts and skills we discuss and demonstrate with the athletes are a constant work in progress. Our athletes strive for lofty goals in a team atmosphere, building on the momentum, enthusiasm and support of each other.




Tuition: $3,800

Ages: Grades 8-12

Head coach: Andy Gilbert

Enrollment limit: 21

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 7:1


SUMMER TRAINING: Open Air Barn sessions begin in July with membership:

Time 12:00-1:30

Dates: July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23,and 25

August 6, 8,13, and 15  

Dryland and team Air Barn sessions begin in August 2019.

FALL DRYLAND: Begins 10/14

ON-SNOW: 12/7-3/15

Training five days a week

One Sunday per month is designated as a free day for riders to rest and hang with friends and family; sessions are added at the Air Barn or after school on snow to make up the time.


2:00-4:30 Workshop day-week planning, goal setting and review as a team WS Training Center


2:00-4:00 Dollar park training, video. Air Barn 4:15-5:30


2:00-4:00 Baldy fundamental freeriding WS Bridge


10:00-2:00 Meet top of Baldy for warm up, split groups for specific training end at Dollar if appropriate.


Overview: This team focuses on all aspects of snowboarding (park, pipe, rails, boardercross, etc.). Freeriding is a big part of the program. The reason is simple: the best all-around riders can ride anything, and we do ride everything!

The team begins the week with a Wednesday workshop to set the tone and goals for the week, as well as to check in on progress towards long-term goals. Thursday is designated for after-school sessions at Dollar with an Air Barn component. Friday is our after-school Baldy session focusing on technique and fundamentals. We meet on weekends at the top of Baldy and then transition to Dollar for specific, focused sessions when the conditions are appropriate (conditions and grooming dictate location for all training). The team has added sessions over holiday breaks, as well as special sessions in front of key competitions or travel events. Summer camp opportunities are offered, as well.

Competition: USASA Big Mountain West events, local competitions (i.e. Baldy Banked Slalom), Dollar Big Air/Rail Jams, U.S. Rev Tour Events (if qualified), additional shop- and industry-supported snowboarding events within our region

Requirements: Must be proficient in all conditions and terrain. Willing to work on aspects of riding that need improvement, willing to have the best time ever; attitude is the most important factor.

License Requirements: USASA Comp License, U.S. Ski and Snowboard General Membership, riders 18 and over need SafeSport certification.



Tuition: $2,250

Ages: Grade 5-8

Head coach: Jon French

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6-1

FALL DRYLAND: Begins 10/14

Air Barn sessions on Mondays with Travel Team

ON-SNOW: 12/7-3/1

Training 3 days a week


2:00-4:00 Dollar park training, video. Air Barn 4:15-5:30


10:00-2:00 Meet top of Baldy for warm up, end at Dollar if appropriate.

Overview: Mini Shreds is for riders who have come through our Devo program or have a few years of riding under their belts to take their riding to the next level. This group is still focused on improving fundamentals in a group setting while becoming more dynamic riders. We work with Mini Shreds athletes to find that individual component that is so important to being a well-rounded rider. Park feature riding will begin to become part of the focus as well.

Riders will have opportunities to interact with the larger team on training days as well as travel to some select regional events, like banked slaloms or fun shop type events (less than 3 hours travel time to venues). While we encourage participation in events, by no means is it required. There will be a weekly Air Barn session as well. This is where you become the rider you want to be by pushing yourself with a great group of kids and coaches.

License Requirements: USASA Comp License (if participating in local events), U.S. Ski and Snowboard General Membership.



Tuition: $1,400

Ages: Grade 2-6

Head coach: JaNessa Gilbert

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1


Fall Dryland: 11/5/19-11/21/19

2 days a week

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-5pm 

On-Snow: 12/7/19-3/29/20

Training two days a week

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-2pm

Overview: SVSEF’s Snowboard Devo program is the developmental ski and snowboard program for SVSEF Baldy-based teams. Devo is for “Baldy-proof” kids, meaning athletes who can ski/ride top to bottom, off-piste & groomed, and who understand safety rules and mountain etiquette. We practice all-mountain basic skiing and riding, jump and park skills, bump skills and racing techniques with a strong FUNdamental emphasis. SVSEF’s Devo program is designed to introduce and refine skills required to advance within SVSEF’s alpine, snowboard, big mountain, freestyle and freeski programs. The SVSEF Devo program is staffed with experienced professional coaches who teach age-appropriate skill progression utilizing U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s program, in tandem with a host of internal SVSEF skill- and team-building philosophies. Snowboard athletes in the Baldy Devo program will be grouped along with fellow riders and staffed by experienced snowboard coaches trained to teach and advance snowboard skills. Holiday camps (Christmas and spring break) are included as a part of the Devo team experience, and offer specific opportunities beyond regular weekend programming. Times and dates for holiday camps are based on creating safe and appropriate practice opportunities based on crowds, practice space, and conditions.

Competition: –

License Requirements: U.S. Ski and Snowboard General Membership 

CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN CROSS COUNTRY AND BALDY DEVO? Sign up for both with our Dual Devo programming, an opportunity that allows an athlete to participate in both teams at a discounted rate. LEARN MORE HERE >>>



Tuition: $200

Ages: 5-10

Head coach: Barb Dunn ( / 802-324-6073)

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1

Schedule: 1/13/20-2/25/20

Training Mondays and Tuesdays, 3-5pm

Transportation to training provided by the SVSEF Blue Bus – schedule to be posted later. The bus will pick up athletes at:

Bellevue Elementary


Alturas Elementary

Hailey Elementary

Overview: The SVSEF Rota-Rippers program is an entry-level ski and snowboard program located at Rotarun Ski Area in Croy Canyon, Hailey. Rota-Rippers is a program that teaches 5-9 year old children the joys of skiing and riding. The objectives for the program include improving skiing technique through progressed turning, balance and body positioning, honing ski racing skills and developing self-confidence and the ability to work in groups with professional instructors and coaches. Athletes must be 5 years old by January 1, 2020.Financial aid is available through the Cooper-Taché First Tracks Fund: learn more and apply here.

Competition: Arkoosh Cup (February 16, 2020)


Head Snowboard Coach


Years with SVSEF: Started in 1993 as a coach, PD 1999-2013, Progression Coach 2014-2016.

Hometown: Born in Sun Valley, raised in Portland, Oregon

College: Pacific Northwest College of Art (drop out)!

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Front country specialist!

Ski/ride background: 100+years of skiing in my family! Skateboarding brought me to snowboarding. Never looked back!

Why you coach: Watching the fire get lit never gets old!

Hobbies/other interests: Skateboarding, fishing, art and family time.

Certifications or other professional qualifications: Level 300 USSA/USASA Coach, US National Team Rookie Halfpipe Coach 2017-2018, IMD Snowboard Sports Committee Member





Kaitlyn Farrington

2014 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist in snowboard halfpipe

Chase Josey

6th place at the 2018 Winter Olympics in snowboard halfpipe

Graham Watanabe

2006 and 2010 Olympian





at the SVSEF Air Barn