Team Overview

This is a group that is ready to take the skills developed through the Mini Shreds to the larger snowboarding stage.

The team will focus on all aspects of riding including park, pipe, rails, cross riding, and freeriding. The reason is simple, we aspire to create the best all-around riders while continuing to develop each rider’s unique style!

Our professional coaching staff will work with Shred Ready athletes to continue to develop their skills in preparation for competitions and events. This will start during fall dryland where athletes have access to our Air Barn facility and strength training. Air Barn sessions will continue through the winter along with Wednesday workshops to set the tone and goals for the week. On-snow training will utilize the different venues the Wood River Valley has to offer (Baldy/Dollar/Rotarun), as conditions dictate, to continue to develop well-rounded riders that are event and travel ready.

USASA, USSA, and Community and Industry supported snowboard event options are all on the table depending on the rider’s abilities and qualifications. On and off-snow training trips will be offered throughout the year. There are many paths in snowboarding and through this team riders will have the opportunities to explore these events!

Fall Dryland
Mid-October through Thanksgiving holiday.
Two days per week—Air Barn and strength sessions.
Sign-up required for open Summer Air Barn Sessions.
Details and locations communicated by Snowboard Team coaching staff prior to each session.

On-Snow, In Season Training Schedule
December 10 – April 2
Three days per week per conditions in December.
Five days per week starting in January.
Wednesday: Workshop Day – Week planning, goal setting, and review as a team after school.
Thursday and Friday: 2 – 4 p.m. Location communicated by Snowboard Team coaching staff prior to each session.
Saturday and Sunday: Afternoon training. Time and location communicated by Snowboard Team coaching staff prior to each session.
One Sunday per month is designated as a free day for riders to rest and hang with friends and family.

Pass & Membership:

Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 season.

Must purchase General US Ski & Snowboard Membership and USASA Competitors License.


Grades 8 – 12

Total Program Hours:

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun Dec-Apr, Air Barn sessions, Holiday Sessions Strength sessions (8th grade riders and above)

  • Must be independent; able to conduct oneself appropriately when unaccompanied.
  • Must be able to care for and maintain all snowboard equipment.
  • Responsible and accountable for hydration, nutrition, and proper layering for any weather.
  • Respect teammates, coaches, parents, and all all mountain employees at all times.
  • Complete knowledge of Mountain Safety Policies.
  • All training takes place in a group setting with coaches, however, SNB Travel Team athletes are NOT supervised for some periods of time and MAY be required to take breaks, eat lunch, ride to venues, and/or load chairs unaccompanied.
  • While traveling to competitions, the supervising staff members will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of the athletes.
  • While on the road, all staff will be responsible for supervising athletes within reason 24 hours per day.
  • Bed checks and lights out will be strictly enforced.
  • There will be oversight of athlete integration and continuity during the entire trip.
Travel & Competitions:

USASA Big Mountain West Events. Local competitions: Baldy Banked Slalom, Rotarun Intramural Scrimmage.

Futures Tour Events (if qualified).

Additional community and industry supported snowboarding events within our region.

Sport: Snowboarding
Age: Grades 8 - 12
Ability Level: Comfortable in all conditions and actively focusing on advanced skill riding.
Athlete-to-Coach Ratio: 7:1
Price: $4,200

Rotarun Season Pass included with tuition.

Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 Season.

Assistant Coach: Ross Bird / Nate Sheehan
Team Jackets & SVSEF Apparel:

Team gear will be available during the season. e.g. hoodies, hats and t’s.

Team Placement:

Participants may be required to switch to a more appropriate program, if available, at the discretion of Head Coaches and Program Director.

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