Support SVSEF

The SVSEF Athlete Endowment is an overarching effort to the long range success of SVSEF and all those who will benefit through what we deliver to our community. A robust endowment is critical to the financial security and foundation of SVSEF. This fund resides in perpetuity to ensure access for all children of the Wood River Valley, regardless of economic circumstance.

Within the Athlete Endowment, the Cooper-Taché First Tracks Fund; Sun Valley Ski Patrol Fund; Howard Dean Memorial John R. Kalik Memorial, and Torin Tucker Scholarships; and 5% Annual Financial Aid Draw constitute a continuum of access for kids taking their first turns to athletes competing at the highest level on the world stage.

The Athlete Endowment is currently valued at nearly $3.5 million and generates $175,000 annually for athlete financial aid (5% draw). We rely heavily on fundraising events to extend our financial aid giving to nearly $400,000 per year. Our goal is to reach $10 million by 2030, whereby the endowment would generate $500,000 annually for athlete financial aid.

Endowment Goal: $10,000,000