Welcoming Dylan Ortuno, IME’s New Sports Reporter

We want to welcome Dylan Ortuno to town as he embarks on his career as a reporter for the Idaho Mountain Express!

We work with the IDE team to publish stories about our programs and athletes and report on the accomplishments of our ski community during the winter season. Below is an excerpt from the Oct. 6 paper about Dylan’s experience at the Baldy Hill Climb.

“In addition to attending the 45th annual Baldy Hill Climb on Saturday, Sept. 30 for the sake of covering the event, I also got to participate in the hike section.

First, my thanks to the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation for the opportunity to do so. As someone who moved here after living by the South Carolina beach for my whole life, except for my last four years in college, I’ve been eager to get into more mountain activities nearby. The Baldy Hill Climb provided me with just that opportunity, an organized hike with several members of the community.”

Read the rest at https://www.mtexpress.com/sports/beach-boy-tries-to-become-mountain-man/article_90ba6fd2-6211-11ee-8345-2b0b9a5951b6.html