On the Eve of a First World Cup Start

While this letter was sent to Dasha Romanov in the days before her World Cup debut in Levi, Finland, we held sharing it until Dasha had the opportunity to read it herself and fully experience all that November 11-12 had to offer her, in her first push out of a World Cup start gate. We couldn't be more proud of you, Dasha and we're always cheering for you from Sun Valley! 

Dear Dasha,

I hope this message finds you in the midst of excited preparation for your first World Cup race in Levi, Finland. This is a significant milestone, and I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of your hard work and dedication that has brought you to this point. Racing at the World Cup is a dream for many, and it's your time to live that dream.

Levi is a place close to my heart, with many fond memories including personal successes that I cherish. I believe you're going to create your own special moments there, and I'm excited to see you race on a hill that means so much to me.

I have some insights to share with you about the hill and your preparations that I hope will serve you well:

1. Hill Free Ski: Weather permitting, take advantage of the hill free ski. Be proactive and aim to be at the front of the queue; it can give you a strategic advantage to get more runs in. This session is about gaining confidence, so whether you wear your race suit or opt for full gear, choose what makes you feel ready and self-assured.

2. Ski Setup: Prepare your skis for the free ski with the same care and attention as you would on race day. This lets you test your equipment under the current snow conditions and gives you a preview of what to expect, which is invaluable for building race-day confidence.

3. Video Analysis: On the morning of the free ski, ask the team to show you videos from previous races in Levi. Pay attention to the set on the two rollers on the top flats; understanding how to use them to generate speed is critical for a strong first split.

4. Mimicking Sets: Use the hill free ski to practice the lines you’ve studied from the video, especially how to absorb the rollers and gain momentum off their backsides.

5. Transition into the Pitch: Confidence in the transition from the flats into the pitch can make the course much easier to handle. The race isn't won on the first section of the pitch, but getting it right from the top sets the tone for the entire run.

6. Lighting and Visibility: Levi's dark backdrop can be challenging, so adjust your goggles to ensure the best visibility for the race time conditions. Being able to see well lets you attack with more confidence.

Remember, while the World Cup environment is bustling and may seem intense, it’s the same as any race—only the surroundings are different. Ski as you’ve trained to, focusing on each turn, and let your skiing do the talking. You don't need perfect turns to qualify, just use your strength and your ability to adapt mid-course. Use your strength and athletic ability to get out of that gate fast and you NEED to really charge the first 6 gates!!!!

Most importantly, carry with you the knowledge that you're not alone in this journey. Our entire team believes in you, and there's no pressure that can weigh you down when you have a community of support like ours behind you. Whatever the outcome, it's a step forward in your career. And if you come out with points, we'll all be here to celebrate with you! We always have your back.

Ski free, charge hard, and above all, enjoy the journey—it's one many only dream of, but you are living it.

Best of luck, and get it!

Here is a vid from your old coach there……. #glorydays

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Geared Up for 57th Season

SVSEF is heading into the 2023-24 season with more than 850 athletes on 31 teams across seven disciplines including Alpine, Big Mountain, Cross Country, Freeski, Freestyle, Mini X, and Snowboarding. 

Ten SVSEF athletes and/or Alumni are representing the U.S. National Teams in 2023-24:

  • Chase Josey, U.S. Snowboard Halfpipe Team (SVSEF Snowboarding Alum)
  • Colin Hanna, U.S. Alpine Development (D) Team (SVSEF Alpine Alum)
  • Dasha Romanov, U.S. Alpine C Team (SVSEF Alpine Alum)
  • Finnigan Donley, U.S. Alpine Development (D) Team (SVSEF Alum)
  • Jack Smith, U.S. Alpine C Team (SVSEF Alpine Alum)
  • Jake Adicoff, U.S. ParaNordic Team (SVSEF XC Gold Team)
  • Jesse Keefe, U.S. ParaAlpine A Team (SVSEF Alpine Alum)
  • Johnny Hagenbuch, U.S. Cross Country B Team (SVSEF XC Alum)
  • Sammy Smith, U.S. Cross Country Development (D) Team ( SVSEF XC Gold Team)
  • Sydney Palmer-Leger, U.S. Cross Country B Team (SVSEF XC Alum)

SVSEF will host several events/competitions in 2023-24, including but not limited to the following. All dates are subject to change.


  • Nov 18-22 Pre-Thanksgiving Training Camp at Sun Valley and Rotarun
  • Jan 29-Jan 31 Soldier Mountain Speed Project U14
  • Feb 5- Feb 7 Soldier Mountain Speed Project U16
  • Feb 9-11 33rd Annual Laura Flood Memorial Race at Sun Valley (U16)
  • Feb 24-25 Monroe Cup at Rotarun (hosted by SVSEF)
  • Feb 19 54th Annual Arkoosh Cup at Rotarun (hosted by Rotarun)
  • Mar 20-24 U.S. Alpine National Championships (hosted by Sun Valley)
  • Mar 25-28 Western Region FIS Open
  • Mar 30 7th Annual Gary Black, Jr. Memorial Race 

Cross Country 

  • Dec 10 Winterstart at Galena Lodge
  • Dec 27 Holiday Bonfire & Relays at Lake Creek
  • Jan 6 Snowmaker Classic at Lake Creek
  • Jan 14 Community Day - Learn to ski w/SVSEF XC Gold Team
  • Jan 21 Quigley Cup at Quigley Nordic Center
  • Feb 1 Ketchum NordicTown Sprints in Downtown Ketchum
  • Feb 3 Boulder Mountain Tour (SVSEF not host, but athletes compete)
  • Mar 2-3 3 Intermountain Youth Cross Country Ski Champs at Lake Creek
  • March 9 Cross Country Devo Festival at Lake Creek
  • April 4-6 International Spring Series at Lake Creek


  • Dec 26-28 Freestyle Spectacular at Roundhouse, Sun Valley
  • Feb 9-11 Roundhouse Rumble at Roundhouse, Sun Valley


  • Date TBD Baldy Banked Slalom, Sun Valley (hosted by Sun Valley)

Snowboarding + Freeski

  • Feb 1-4 USASA Slopestyle and Boardercross Big Mountain West, Dollar Mountain, Sun Valley

Special / Fundraising Events

  • Nov 21 Free Movie Night at the Sun Valley Opera House / Movies: 4 p.m. Downhill Racer and 7 p.m. Aspen Extreme
  • Nov 24 Sip & Shop at J. McLaughlin in Ketchum
  • Dec 1 47th Annual Wild Game Dinner at Limelight Room, Sun Valley Inn
  • Apr 4-6 25th Annual Janss Pro-Am Classic at Sun Valley

Welcoming Dylan Ortuno, IME's New Sports Reporter

We want to welcome Dylan Ortuno to town as he embarks on his career as a reporter for the Idaho Mountain Express!

We work with the IDE team to publish stories about our programs and athletes and report on the accomplishments of our ski community during the winter season. Below is an excerpt from the Oct. 6 paper about Dylan's experience at the Baldy Hill Climb.

"In addition to attending the 45th annual Baldy Hill Climb on Saturday, Sept. 30 for the sake of covering the event, I also got to participate in the hike section.

First, my thanks to the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation for the opportunity to do so. As someone who moved here after living by the South Carolina beach for my whole life, except for my last four years in college, I’ve been eager to get into more mountain activities nearby. The Baldy Hill Climb provided me with just that opportunity, an organized hike with several members of the community."

Read the rest at https://www.mtexpress.com/sports/beach-boy-tries-to-become-mountain-man/article_90ba6fd2-6211-11ee-8345-2b0b9a5951b6.html

2023 Rotarun Ski Swap in Hailey

2023 Rotarun Ski Swap Set for Saturday, Oct. 21 at Sturtevants in Hailey
Register Your Gear Online Today—25% of Sales Support Rotarun Programs and Operations

The Annual Rotarun Ski Swap is coming up, and organizers have made the process easy and efficient for anyone looking to sell winter sports equipment and clothing. The online link to register your gear is posted at Rotarun.org. Gear donations to the Ski Swap are an essential component to Rotarun's annual fundraising efforts. Twenty-five percent of the sales from the Ski Swap directly support the programming and operations at Rotarun Ski Area, including the tuition-free Rota-Rippers and Rota-Ravens after-school programs and free public ski evenings for our community.

Admission is free to attend the Ski Swap, which will be held outdoors from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21 at Sturtevants in Hailey. All marked goods will be fifty percent off during the final hour from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cash and credit card will be acceptable forms of payment at the Rotarun Ski Swap. Sellers take home seventy-five percent of the final sale price.

"I always look forward to the ski swap because it gets the community excited for the upcoming season and the first snowfall,” said Riley Berman, Mountain Manager at Rotarun. “It’s a great opportunity to scoop up new-to-you gear, while keeping gear costs low and the youth on-snow programming more affordable. Plus, it’s a way for members of our community to make a few extra dollars in the process. It's a win win.”


  1. Pre-register your winter sports equipment and clothing online through MySkiSwap.com prior to dropping it off on one of the drop-off days listed below.
  2. Drop off your gear on Friday, Oct. 13 at Sturtevant’s in Hailey (1 Carbonate Street); or Friday, Oct. 20 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m at Sturtevants in Ketchum (340 N Main Street) or Sturtevants in Hailey (1 Carbonate Street).  
  3. Pick up any unsold gear on Sunday, Oct. 22 between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at Sturtevants in Hailey (1 Carbonate Street), or you may donate unsold gear to Rotarun.

Mariah Bredal and Peter Wolter Take Top Honors at 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb

Hikers and runners tackle River Run to Roundhouse in support of SVSEF

The 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb took place on Saturday in support of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF). To wrap up September under true fall weather skies, more than 280 participants hiked and raced 1.8 miles and 2,045 vertical feet up the River Run side to finish at Sun Valley’s Roundhouse. The event is organized annually by the SVSEF Cross Country Team.

“What a great day!” said Becky Woods, SVSEF’s Cross Country Program Director. “It was so much fun to see the community come together for this event to support SVSEF and all the young skiers in the Valley. It is inspiring to see the age range of the participants hiking and racing. It is proof you can be a mountain athlete your whole life! Thank you to our volunteers who helped make this event run smoothly, Sun Valley Company and our sponsors—Sturtevants, Atkinsons’ Market, Proctor Mountain Group, Salomon, Durance, Coxa, Backwoods Mountain Sports, Elephant’s Perch, HydraPak, and Boulder Mountain Clayworks for believing in the mission and supporting our programs.”

Peter Wolter once again held off 11-time Baldy Hill Climb winner, Miles Fink-Debray, with a solid one-minute lead over Fink-Debray who finished in second place for his 20th podium finish, while Jackson Long wrapped up the men’s podium in third. Newest SVSEF XC Gold Team member, Mariah Bredal, topped the women’s podium and held off 14-year-old SVSEF XC Prep Team’s Duncan Fryberger to capture fourth overall in the race class.

Peter Wolter, SVSEF XC Gold Team Member and winner of the men’s race said, “The race was great, it ended up being pretty difficult because the first bit required quite a bit of running and the final stretch had some downhill running. I’m more of a power hiker type of “running race” guy so this year’s race was challenging but super happy to have taken the win! Battling it out with Miles was great and I look forward to next year.”

“The race up the mountain today was really hard but also a great event,” said the SVSEF XC Gold Team’s newest teammate Mariah Bredal, after her first experience participating in the Baldy Hill Climb. “I personally felt fresh on the start line ready to give an all-out effort, and it was rewarding to see the summer’s training pay off! I would recommend this race to anyone thinking of taking on a good hill climb!”

Heard from the finish line when SVSEF PrepPro Team member Stella St. George finished, “That was so fun… really so fun!”

2023 Women’s Race Podium Results:
1. Mariah Bredal 31:38 (SVSEF XC Gold Team)
2. Alexa Turzian 36:15 (SVSEF Alum)
3. Lili Hansen 38:12

2023 Men’s Race Podium Results:
1. Peter Wolter 28:27 (SVSEF XC Gold Team)
2. Miles Fink-Debray 30:06
3. Jackson Long 31:00

Complete results are posted online at svsef.org.

Josie Sarchett Awarded 2023/24 Ashley Snyder Briggs Scholarship

Sarchett exemplifies dedication, perseverance, positive attitude, and passion for ski racing

Josie Sarchett has been named as the second recipient of the SVSEF Ashley Snyder Briggs (ASB) Scholarship. The scholarship will provide $10,000 towards tuition and expenses for one high-school-aged female alpine athlete per year for the next nine years. The ASB scholarship is awarded to the athlete who consistently shows love and passion for alpine ski racing, shows dedication both on the hill and in the classroom, intends to pursue the sport after high school, and demonstrates an appropriate need for financial support to chase their dreams in ski racing.

"We are so happy that we can help and support the athletes of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, and thrilled to present this year’s scholarship to Josie Sarchett,” said Ashley Snyder Briggs. “Her dedication, perseverance, positive attitude, and passion for the sport of ski racing make her our ideal candidate and we are excited for her upcoming season."

Sarchett’s journey as a ski racer has continuously unveiled her true character as an athlete determined to realize her own potential.

“When I think of Josie's last two seasons as a U16, there were setbacks due to injury that probably left her with frustration that her season didn’t go quite as she hoped,” said Nate Schwing, Sarchett’s U16 head coach at SVSEF. “Josie handled the adversity she experienced these last two seasons through pure perseverance, perspective, and passion.” 

In Sarchett’s first season as a U16 in 2021/22, she injured her knee in early to mid-January while training Super G. The injury kept her off skis for about six weeks causing her to miss two of the three qualifiers for Western Regionals. Sarchett came back in time for the third qualifier at Sun Valley at the Laura Flood Memorial Race. She was in a position where she had to ski really well to qualify for Western Regionals, an event she would have easily made if she had been healthy to race the previous two qualifiers. 

“Sarchett had one week of training coming off the knee injury prior to the Laura Flood series, so we weren’t sure what to expect,” said Schwing. “She lit up the series, finishing seventh in the first GS, ninth in the slalom, and was in the top 10 after the first run of the second GS race. Unfortunately, she went out in the second run and wasn’t able to accumulate enough points to qualify for Western Regionals with just two finishes.”  

Sarchett qualified for a second-tier championship called Tri Divisionals, a series for U14 and U16 athletes who do not qualify for their regional championships. It was not the level of championship competition Sarchett had hoped for. “She could have opted to skip this championship, but we challenged her to go and compete,” said Schwing. “There is value to competing when you are one of the favorites to win or medal, and the pressure to perform to these expectations is real. It’s a good exercise to perform under pressure and expectations.” 

Sarchett competed at Tri Divisionals and finished the series strong with two second place finishes. She followed this up with a third place at the Snow Cup in Snowbird, UT, the final race series of the season. 

Sarchett’s second year as a U16 in 2022/23 presented different challenges. She sustained a concussion in December and subsequently missed most of the December training and the team’s first race series at Snow King, WY. A nagging back injury also continued to present itself causing frustration and challenges to maintain momentum.

“Early season training is important for athletes to build their confidence for the season ahead,” said Schwing. “The way this past season started for Josie wasn’t ideal. My hope is that a fresh start for Josie as a first-year FIS team athlete, and hopefully an injury free season, are just what she needs to find the confidence and consistency we know she’s capable of!”

“I am very grateful to my coaches and Ashley for giving me this fantastic scholarship,” said Josie Sarchett, SVSEF first-year Alpine FIS Team athlete. “I am so excited for this race season to start!”

Sarchett has proven her dedication to training and performing at the highest level and is serious about maintaining a standard of fitness. In the off-season, she has been known to put herself up against the boys—always wanting to push herself to be the best she can be. Once the snow flies, she can often be found skiing powder on her own or with friends—she just loves to ski!  

“While Josie has voiced disappointment in her results and performance, she is always grounded with her perspective and is able to spin disappointment into something that is just part of the process,” said Schwing. “She gravitates towards girls or boys who have the same drive, and she’s just an all-around great teammate.”

About the Ashley Snyder Briggs Scholarship

Ashley Snyder Briggs grew up skiing and racing with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation between 1974-1985, from her first turns on Baldy through high school. After graduating from Sun Valley Community School, she went on to ski race for Middlebury College’s Division 1 team. Snyder Briggs has remained closely tied to the Wood River Valley community and to SVSEF through her family and her nephews’ participation on the ski team, and has witnessed the consistent trajectory as a ski club over the years.

The Ashley Snyder Briggs Scholarship will be awarded each year by a committee of SVSEF coaches and Snyder Briggs. All high-school-aged SVSEF female alpine athletes are eligible to be considered for the scholarship. Ultimately, the Scholarship will be awarded to the athlete who consistently shows love and passion for alpine ski racing, shows dedication both on the hill and in the classroom, intends to pursue the sport after high school, and demonstrates an appropriate need for financial support to chase their dreams in ski racing.

Boulder Mountain Tour awards Bob Rosso Scholarship to two SVSEF prep athletes

We are proud to announce the two SVSEF recipients of the Bob Rosso Scholarship!

Bailey Kurtz and Vivian Cunningham of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation are the inaugural recipients of the Bob Rosso Scholarship Fund, created in honor of Bob Rosso by the Boulder Mountain Tour in February 2023. Establishing the fund coincided with the Tour’s 50th anniversary, an event Bob helped organize in 1973 and has been a staunch supporter of ever since.

“If you reflect on all the wonderful people, events, and institutions within our community, one of the common denominators is Bob Rosso. Simply by being his energetic, enthusiastic, and encouraging self, Bob has markedly improved the lives of those around him,” BMT Executive Director Jody Zarkos said.

“The BMT board and I wanted a way to recognize Bob as well as perpetuate all the amazing qualities he has. We were looking for kids with enthusiasm for cross-country skiing, respect for their teammates and coaches, a desire to improve the lives of those around them, and a great love of the outdoors.”

SVSEF coaches recently nominated six candidates that fit the bill: Cameron Gilman, Cal Hebert, Sydney Nelson, Stella St. George, Cunningham, and Kurtz. Each candidate submitted personal essays and recommendations from coaching staff, all of which were reviewed and voted on by the board.

“I really love that we can honor Bob with this scholarship and recognize members of our team for not only being great skiers but great people,” Kelley Yeates, Director of the SVSEF Prep Program, said.

Kurtz, a member of the Prep Progression team, and Cunningham, on Prep, are both students at Wood River Middle School.

“Both are great kids and embody the kind of human we strive to mold on the XC team, much like Bob. They are great teammates, role models, and lifelong lovers of skiing. The first words I think of with both of these skiers and Bob are positivity and passion for skiing,” Yeates remarked.

Rosso Scholarships, paying 50 percent of SVSEF program tuition, will be presented annually to two Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Prep Cross Country Team members. The Boulder’s goal is to raise $100,000 to fund SVSEF athletes in perpetuity in Bob’s honor is currently 60 percent to goal. This fund is made possible by generous donors, the Rossos, and the BMT Board of Directors and staff.

“We’re honored to be able to give the Bob Rosso Scholarship awards to our first two SVSEF Cross Country Ski Team members and want to extend our gratitude and thanks to everyone in our community who has made this fund possible,” Kate Rosso said. “Thank you!”


Tickets on Sale for 47th annual Wild Game Dinner

Tickets are now on sale for the 47th annual Wild Game Dinner, set to take place on Friday, Dec. 1 in the Limelight Room at Sun Valley Inn. The funds raised during the Wild Game Dinner directly support SVSEF’s mission to provide exceptional snowsport programs for the youth of the Wood River Valley, and specifically, the ability to grant more than $500,000 annually in financial aid to athletes across all ages and all programs.

“The Wild Game Dinner is a time-honored tradition for the ski club and for our community,” said SVSEF Executive Director, Scott McGrew. “It sets a unique stage for us to share stories of impact and inspiration and to raise critical funds towards our efforts to keep snowsports accessible and affordable.”

More than 300 friends, families, and community members gather each fall to reflect on the work being done for the youth of the Wood River Valley through SVSEF, to imagine the possibilities for the future, and to support SVSEF's Athlete Financial Aid Program through the dinner and auction event.

“What we do is bigger than sport—we help build good humans and stewards of the mountains we play in,” said McGrew. “While it is our responsibility to support each and every SVSEF athlete to reach their unique athletic potential, and to develop strong personal character through good sportsmanship and strong values; we also honor the opportunity to inspire efforts by our coaches and athletes to protect the places we play, train, and compete.”

New in 2023, VIP tickets include live entertainment for the opening signature cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour, along with a surprise takeaway for attendees to thank and remind them for all they do to help support the young athletes across the valley. The evening includes a short program, guest speaker, a silent and live auction, dinner, and dancing.

  • VIP Reserved Table for Eight = $2,800
  • VIP Individual Ticket = $325
  • Individual Ticket = $250

Tickets and tables are available for purchase online at SVSEF Wild Game Dinner. Event details are available on the event site and auction packages will be updated in the coming months.

Sponsorship opportunities can be found here. For local businesses interested in sponsoring the Wild Game Dinner, please contact Heather Foster at hfoster@svsef.org.



Alternate Course in 2023 for 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb

Hike, Run or Race River Run to Roundhouse in Support of SVSEF!

Online registration is open for the 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb, which will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30. For the past 44 years, come rain, sun, or even snow, runners and hikers have made their way up Bald Mountain in support of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) programming. New in 2023, the course will move from Warm Springs to the River Run side of Bald Mountain due to the ongoing new chairlift construction.

“The Baldy Hill Climb is one of the longest running athletic traditions in our Valley,” said Rick Kapala, SVSEF’s Director of Sport Development. “It’s simple, and that is what makes it great! Climb up Baldy, as fast as you can. It is just you, your shoes, and your sheer determination; and at the end it’s a chance for you to get together with friends and family and celebrate our community and the wonderful place that we live.”

“This year will be the second time in forty-five years that we’ve had to move the event to the River Run side of the mountain, and we are just grateful for Sun Valley’s partnership and collaboration to host the event in a year when they have such large-scale priorities on Baldy,” said Kapala.

Organized by the SVSEF Cross-Country Ski Team, this year’s course will challenge participants to a grueling 1.8 miles and 2,045 vertical feet—from the bottom of River Run, straight up Lower River Run through mid-River Run, and across Roundhouse Lane to the Roundhouse, which sits at 7,700 feet. All participants receive an iconic event t-shirt and a refuel at the summit aid station. In addition, and in partnership with Sun Valley Company, participants receive a much-deserved ride down on the gondola after they finish. 

“The Baldy Hill Climb welcomes the fall season and gets everyone excited for what’s to come this winter,” said Becky Woods, SVSEF’s Cross Country Program Director. “Our teams and coaches love to put on this challenging event that helps support our programming and brings the ski community together to enjoy an invigorating run or hike up the mountain. A huge thank you Sun Valley Company for their continued support of SVSEF—we wouldn't be where we are today without their commitment to our programs. And a special thank you to Olin Glenne and Sturtevant's for their title sponsorship, as well as all of our supporting sponsors—they give so much to this town and we couldn't be more grateful for their support.” 

The traditional Warm Springs Baldy Hill Climb course is 1.86 miles and 3,140 vertical feet, topping out at 9,020 feet at the top of the former Challenger chairlift. 

Online registration closes on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 11:59 p.m. There is no race day registration. Uphill lift service will not be available.

Event Schedule:

Thursday, September 28


Friday, September 29

3 - 6 p.m. Optional race bib pick-up at Sturtevants, 340 N. Main St., Ketchum

Saturday, September 30

8:00 a.m. Check-In Opens

8:30 a.m. Kinder Climb Start: Free for kids 11 years and under. No pre-registration. 

9:00 a.m. Hike Start

10:00 a.m. Race Start

12 p.m. Awards at the summit

Thank you to title sponsor Sturtevants and lead partner Sun Valley Company, along with our supporting sponsors Atkinsons’ Market, Proctor Mountain Group, Durance Cycleworks, Salomon, Coxa Carry, Backwoods Mountain Sports, Elephant’s Perch, and Boulder Mountain Clayworks.

SVSEF’s Holden Archie Tackles Standhope Ultra 60K

On Saturday, July 28, runners gathered to race, suffer, and battle the Standhope Ultra 60K. A race that requires a unique level of pain and endurance to complete. The Standhope Ultra Challenge is Idaho’s highest-elevation trail race. Holden Archie, a recent SVSEF XC Comp Team graduate, battled his way through the 60K race and conquered his time goal to come in under 10 hours.

The course starts at the Park Creek Campground and travels through Kane Lake Trailhead, Fall Creek, and Surprise Valley. Through the highest elevations of the Pioneer Mountains, these runners get to suffer through this race complete with incredible and unbeatable high peaks views. The course has roughly 10,000 vertical elevation gain and 10,000 vertical loss.

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done," said Holden Archie. “The main sensation during the last 30 miles was pain. I never knew one's legs could hurt this much."

Archie's total distance was 39.56 miles, his elevation gain was 10,194 feet, and his elapsed time was 9 hours and 54 minutes.

“I'm very proud of finishing sub 10 hours,” said Archie. “That finish sprint was the final straw, I couldn’t walk after. I ran more than twice as long as I slept.”

Hats off to you, Holden! This is an incredibly impressive accomplishment.

Distance: 39.56 miles
Elevation: 10,194 feet
Elapsed Time: 9:54:56