Week in Review: March 5

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By Andy Gilbert
The series winners in each age group will receive an automatic invite to USASA Nationals in Copper Colorado Mar 30-Apr 5. We will receive those invites on Wednesday.
Series Finals, also known as the “King of the Wasatch” event consisted of Slopestyle #1 on Thursday, two Halfpipe events on Friday, Slopestyle #2 on Saturday and two more halfpipe events on Sunday.
The team as a whole is hitting their stride and riding really well. In our first pipe events of the season the Sun Valley kids showed why we have been a powerhouse in that event even in the face of losing our home venue. The kids showed that a solid season of riding Baldy had them ready to ride a perfect 22ft pipe in PC. Caleb Hothem went huge all day in the first pipe event and Jack Verhaeghe used the tech route to put himself on the podium as well. Olive Gilbert won both events on both days!
In Slopestyle our kids held their own on a venue that was just used for the FIS World Championships. There were 18 rail options in the first three features! That’s more than almost all of the jib features at Dollar! The kids were up for the challenge with solid runs in tough conditions on both days. Standouts were Brody McBee with a solid second run in the last event for the win. Channing Curci stepped up to some of the tougher rail features and was rewarded with second place both days.
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Menehune boys 10-11: Nico Lerner 1st
Breaker boys 12-13: Sebastian Lerner 3rd, Jack Verhaeghe 5th
Breaker girls 12-13: Olive Gilbert 1st
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 2nd
Youth men 14-15: Brody McBee 1st
Halfpipe #1
Menehune boys 10-11: Nico Lerner 1st
Breaker Boys 12-13: Jack Verhaeghe 2nd, Caleb Hothem 3rd, Sebastian Lerner 5th
Breaker girl 12-13: Olive Gilbert 1st
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 2nd, Maddie Hothem 3rd
Youth men 14-15: Brody McBee 1st
Halfpipe #2
Menehune boys 10-11: Nico Lerner 1st
Breaker Boys 12-13: Jack Verhaeghe 2nd, Caleb Hothem 4th, Sebastian Lerner 5th
Breaker girls 12-13: Olive Gilbert 1st
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 2nd, Maddie Hothem 3rd
Youth men 14-15: Brody McBee 1st
Slopestyle #2
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 2nd
Youth men 14-15: Brody McBee 1st
Halfpipe #3
Breaker girls 12-13: Olive Gilbert 1st
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 2nd
Youth men 14-15: Brody Mcbee 1st
Halfpipe #4
Breaker girls 12-13: Olive Gilbert 1st
Youth women 14-15: Channing Curci 1st
Great events and a great series! Nationals invites will be coming soon and we will keep you all updated.
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Olive Gilbert, first, breaker girls halfpipe

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Channing Curci, second, youth women halfpipe

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Ben Fethke, first

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Zeppelin Pilaro, second

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Athletes were in Park City last week to display their skills at ‘King of the Wasatch’ USASA slopestyle and halfpipe competitions. There were six events spread out over four days, with two slopestyle and four separate halfpipe competitions. SVSEF had some great results across events and age groups, which bodes well for invitations to Nationals, to be held at Copper at the beginning of April.
Slopestyle 1
Breaker Boys (12-13): Ben Fethke 1, Easton Turck 6, Anton Holter 8, Spencer Ferries 10
Breaker Girls (12-13): Inez Kraynick 4
Grommet Boys (8-9): Walker Woodring 1, Barrett Beyer 2
Youth Men (14-15): Ridge Dirksmeier 2, Joey Markthaler 4
Junior Men (16-17): Kyle Kope 1
Menehune Boys (10-11):Zeppelin Pilaro 6
Open Class Men: Will Griffith 3, Harper Mallett 5
Slopestyle 2
Breaker Boys (12-13): Ben Fethke 1, Anton Holter 3, Spencer Ferries 11, Easton Turck 15
Breaker Girls (12-13): Inez Kraynick 4
Grommet Boys (8-9): Barrett Beyer 1
Junior Men (16-17): Kyle Kope 1
Menehune Boys (10-11): Zeppelin Pilaro 2
Open Men: Harper Mallett 7, Will Griffith 9
Youth Men (14-15): Ridge Dirksmeier 4, Joey Markthaler 5
There were less competitors in the halfpipe events. Ben Fethke took home three of four wins in the halfpipe for Breaker Boys (12-13), Zeppelin Pilaro had a solid result in the third halfpipe event, taking home the win for Menehune Boys (10-11). Youth Men (14-15) had a larger field in the third and fourth halfpipe events; Ridge Dirksmeier and Joey Markthaler took the top two spots both days.
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Addie Rafford, first for 15-18 women

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It was a great weekend of competition for big mountain athletes, with nine out of 15 SVSEF skiers making it into finals (seven boys, two girls). Addie Rafford took the win for the women’s 15-18 age group. Tatum Minor, in her first big mountain competition, was second for women aged 12-14. For 15-18 men, Brian Heekin was SVSEF’s top competitor in seventh, followed by Axel Diehl in ninth. Will Price (11th), Owen Miller (12th), Buddy Schreder (16th) and Max Moss (17th) all finished in the top 20.


Thor Jaramillo competed for SVSEF; this was a very competitive Canadian event to get into. Thor (15 years old) missed the cut to finals by .13 and was competing against mostly 18 year olds in the 15-18 age group.
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Ryder Sarchett 1, Nils Galloway 4 in the men’s slalom

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IMC U16 Qualifier, 1SL/2GS
SVSEF hosted a weekend of racing, held annually in memory of Laura Flood. This was the last qualifier for Western Region U16 Championships, which SVSEF is hosting March 14-17. The competition field featured 75 women and 88 men. Ryder Sarchett took the overall win for the weekend, with victories in the men’s slalom and first GS, and a third place result behind SVSEF FIS skiers (1st place Laura Flood) in the final event of the weekend, a second GS race. Lots of SVSEF kids stepped it up this weekend for competition on their home turf; it was great to see all of their hard work and training put into practice.
March 1, 2019:  Women’s SL
Jessica Blackburn led the SVSEF women’s team with a third place finish. Marit Kaiser was right behind her in fourth. Saba Grossman finished seventh, Anhwei Kirk eighth, and Hannah Ferris was 14th.
Agnes Kind had an impressive result, starting 37th and moving up to 18th. Anabel Viesturs was 37th.
March 1, 2019:  Men’s SL
SVSEF’s Ryder Sarchett won the slalom by over 2 seconds. Nils Galloway was fourth, Nathan Gowe eighth, Josh Blackburn 10th, Carter Sammis 11th, and Colin Hanna was 12th. Carter Sammis had the move up of the day. He started 33rd and finished 11th.
March 2, 2019:  Women’s GS
Marit Kaiser skied to second place overall, and won the second run of the day. Saba Grossman tied for seventh, Logan Lindstrom 12th and Anhwei Kirk 16th.  
March 2, 2019: Men’s GS
Ryder Sarchett again won by over 2 seconds, this time in the giant slalom. Nathan Gowe finished in a solid eighth place, Carter Sammis was 10th, and Nils Galloway had the move up of the day, starting 53rd and finishing 13th. Josh Blackburn was 14th.
March 3, 2019: Women’s GS
SVESF had two athletes on the podium, with Dasha Romanov winning by just over a second and Marit Kaiser finishing in third place. Logan Lindstrom started 30th and finished 11th. Logan won the second run, which was an amazing result for the day. Saba Grossman was 13th, and Anhwei Kirk finished 15th.
March 3, 2019, Men’s GS
The SVSEF FIS team showed up on Sunday to race, changing the dynamics from the previous day. Jack Smith took the win, followed by teammate Bridger Harrison. Ryder Sarchett finished third, Nathan Gowe was 16th, Josh Blackburn 18th, Carter Sammis 21st and Colin Hanna 25th.
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Paige DeHart with the David Wright 2019 overall win

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From James Tautkus, IMD Head Coach

The SVSEF IMD team traveled to Park City this past weekend for the David Wright Memorial. It was the last qualifier for the season, with two giant slaloms and one parallel slalom. Paige DeHart and Cole Curci won the overall titles for the weekend. A significant result came from Paige in the first giant slalom; she won the race by an astounding six seconds.

Day one was really difficult with new snow, visibility, and a former Olympic hill as the race venue. The kids had a tough first day adapting to the terrain and conditions; however, on the second and third day they were reminded that they have the skill set and training mileage from Baldy to have success, which they found.



GS 1:

Women: Paige DeHart 1, Reece Walther-Porino 15

Men: Will Kogelmann 6, Drew Kogelmann 13

GS 2:

Women: Paige 1, Maya Lightner 3, Chloe Vogel 14

Men: Cole Curci 1, Drew Kogelmann 9

Parallel SL:

Women: Paige 1, Maya 6

Men: Cole 1, Will Kogelmann 10, Tommy Norman 13

Mini World Cup

The Mini World Cup Team skied a super G race on Saturday – find the results here.

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Cole Curci in first

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Gold Team, West Yellowstone Rendezvous

SVSEF Gold Team skiers Adam Luban and Cate Brams both took wins at the West Yellowstone Rendezvous last weekend. Adam competed in the 50km skate, finishing at the top of the field in 2.17:25, besting former Gold Team skier Rogan Brown by 28 seconds. Cate won the 25km women’s classic in 1.26:40. Gold Team Head Coach Chris Mallory also competed; he finished fifth in the 25km skate.


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NCAA Championships

SVSEF has a number of alumni skiing for D1 schools; this year, six have qualified to represent their respective universities at NCAA Championships. For cross country, Peter Wolter (Middlebury), Annika Landis (Middlebury), Sam Wood (PG/STG, Middlebury), Braden Becker (PG/STG, Williams), Casey Wright (PG, Alaska Anchorage) and Sarah Goble (PG, Michigan Tech) will compete at Stowe. Haley Cutler (New Mexico) is an alternate for alpine women. 

Chase Josey, Burton US Open, Vail

Alum Chase Josey competed at the Burton US Open; in a field of top international competitors, Josey was 11th in the men’s halfpipe semi-final, pushing him out of the running for finals.