Week in Review: Feb 5

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USASA Big Mountain West Series, Dollar Mountain, Sun Valley

By Andy Gilbert
The SVSEF snowboard team hosted the Beverly Hay Snowboard Cup in conjunction with the USASA Big Mountain West Series.
Events began Thursday, Jan 31 with two boardercross events in Sepp’s Bowl at Dollar Mountain. Standouts on the day were Zoe Bacca taking a couple of wins in the youth women’s 14-15 group, and Nico Lerner was on the podium in first, as well, for menehune boys (10-11).
Friday’s boardercross events counted towards the Beverley Hay Cup, named for our biggest and longest standing supporters of the snowboard team. This is a combined trophy with scores from Saturday’s slopestyle event.
Zoe Bacca did it again with a pair of wins, and Caleb Hothem (breaker boys, 12-13) took down the field all day to score two golds. Other standouts were Olive Gilbert with a pair of wins in the breaker girls 12-13, Brody McBee with a silver in the youth men 14-15, and Maddie Hothem with a pair of silvers in the youth women’s group.
Saturday’s weather remained enough at bay to get the slopestyle events off, and the kids put on a great show. Jack Verhaeghe landed in third for breaker boys with a nice 720. Channing Curci took home the gold in the youth women’s group using the big jump line and good style on her method air to take the win.
The Beverly Hay Cup was awarded to:
Channing Curci: First in slopestyle and two bronzes in BX
Caleb Hothem: fifth in slopestyle and two firsts in BX
This award has been given out since 1999, and past winners include Olympian Graham Watanabe and Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington.
Sunday wrapped up the week with a rail jam event, and Channing Curci, fresh off her cup win, took the gold in the youth women’s division. Great events, high energy and well attended!
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Beverly Hay, center, with Beverly Hay Cup winners Caleb Hothem and Channing Curci.
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Walker Woodring in first and Barrett Beyer in second on the skiercross podium.
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USASA Big Mountain West Series, Dollar Mountain, Sun Valley
BY Tyler Conway
The SVSEF freeski team dominated USASA slopestyle, rail jam and skiercross events at Dollar Mountain over the weekend. Slopestyle is the highlight of the weekend, where athletes can show off their high flying acrobatic and rail sliding skills on skis. Athletes get two runs and are judged on overall impression and performance. Run are scored 1-100. Taking top in the slopestyle open class was Charley Bingham, and his teammate Harper Mallett was on his heels in third. SVSEF athletes also boasted impressive performances in all age class divisions. Ben Fethke was first for 12-13 year olds, and scored a 99 – a nearly perfect run and the highest score of the day. Walker Woodring was first (8-9), Ridge Dirksmeier second (14-15), Kyle Kope third (16-17), Inez Kraynick third (12-13), Zeppelin Pilaro second (10-11) and Alex Leahy third (10-11.
The skiercross course did not slow down freeski athletes Johanes Liaboe, Ben Fethke and Walker Woodring, who took home gold.
The rail jam open class first place went to Harper Mallett; also taking home gold in their age classes were Ben Fethke and Walker Woodward.
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Ben Fethke with a win
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North Series, Cranston Cup, Bogus Basin

Two slalom races were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday’s event was cancelled due to unsafe conditions. It was a great weekend for our team despite the rain, snow, sleet, and wind. SVSEF girls are looking really solid as a group this season; they took six of the top 10 spots in Saturday’s race. Josie Sarchett finished first, and teammate Taylor Hovey was two seconds behind in second. Rowan Desler (fourth), Norah Davis-Jeffers (fifth), Emily Wright (seventh) and Simone Tumolo (eighth) rounded out the top 10. Tucker Smith was first for boys, and Paxton Sammis was seventh. SVSEF’s Tucker Smith and Josie Sarchett each won the Cranston Cup for the weekend. The cancelled race will be picked up on the weekend of the Monroe Cup.

FIS, Speed Serires, Schweitzer

FIS athletes competed in a speed series at Schweitzer, with two days of downhill and super G competition. Cassell LeFevre led the SVSEF men in competition, placing seventh in the first downhill, eighth in the second, and eighth in the first super G. Ridley Lindstrom had a strong donwhill result, finishing 11th in the men’s first downhill. Falon Hanna led the SVSEF women, placing 10th in the first January 31 downhill and 15th in the second, then 14th in the first super G on February 3 and 11th in the second competition. SVSEF women had good grouping in the first super G race, with Hanna in 14th, Lizzy Vanderkloot in 15th, Sage Curtis 17th, Cailin Chandler 19th and Carly Walther-Porino 21st.
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Tucker Smith and Josie Sarchett with the Cranston Cup wins.
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Boulder Mountain Tour and Half Boulder, Ketchum

A number of SVSEF skiers, past and present, competed in the Boulder Mountain Tour and the Half Boulder. It was a sprint to the finish for the top elite athletes after 34km of racing; Gold Team skier Peter Holmes won with a time of 1:22:21.9, and Comp skier Johnny Hagenbuch was third, just 1.2 seconds back from the winning time. Matt Liebsch of Minnesota finished second. Former Gold Team skier Rogan Brown was fourth for men, and Adam Luban (Gold Team) was sixth.
The women’s finish was also a nail-biter. Gold Team skier Katie Feldman narrowly missed the win for women, finishing a tenth of a second behind Erika Flowers of Bozeman. Mary Rose (former Gold Team skier and current SVSEF Comp coach) was fourth, Comp coach Sloan Story was sixth and Gold Team skier Maddie Morgan was seventh. Devo coach Brooke Hovey was also in top 10 for women in ninth.
SVSEF athletes competed in the 15km Half Boulder, which began at Baker Creek and meandered south to the same finish at the SNRA. Comp team athlete Jake Gorham was third overall, finishing in 44:33.6. Prep team skier Teddy Hobbs was fifth overall, and teammates Dexter Morrison and McCallan Campbell were sixth and seventh.

NordicTown USA Sprints, Ketchum

SVSEF athletes Devo aged and up showcased their sport at the NordicTown USA Sprints on Thursday on a 400m track by the Ketchum post office. Devo athletes completed one loop, Prep two, and Comp and up were paired off for a relay of six double laps per team.
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