SVSEF’s Ruby Smith and Tucker Reimund Claim Laura Flood Memorial Race Titles

The race community sharpened their edges for the 33rd annual Laura Flood Memorial Race held on Baldy Feb. 9-11. The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) welcomed more than 150 U16 ski racers from across the country to race for qualifying points towards the national championships. Racers gathered at Lower Warm Springs to compete in the giant slalom and slalom races during the three-day event.  

Not only does this event present a competitive environment for the national U16 racing circuit, but it brings together a multitude of players in the local ski community. SVSEF Alpine Program Director Will Brandenburg said, “The Flood family, coaches, volunteers, families, athletes, and the Sun Valley Resort staff contributed their time and energy to make this a super fun event for all involved.”

The Laura Flood Memorial holds a special place in the heart of our local ski racing community. Flood passed away in a ski training accident at 19 while racing for the University of Colorado. Her kind-hearted nature and passion for skiing is remembered by her family and the greater Sun Valley ski community. 

Laura’s sister, Heather Flood Daves, said, “Those who knew Laura would say that she was vivacious, kind, super determined, fun-loving, and always showed the epitome of sportsmanship. Races like this are one way we can honor people we’ve lost through our sport, and always remember incredible moments that over time unveil so many connections between past winners.”

The GS course stood as a proving ground for Day 1 and 2, with stiff competition coming in from Idaho’s neighboring states. Seven SVSEF athletes managed to stake their claim in the top ten on the first competition day, including Taylor Moe (1st), Ruby Smith (2nd), and Elliot Leahy (7th) for the women; and Tucker Reimund (2nd), Owen Lancaster (4th), Conway Selznick (5th), and Jay Blackburn (8th) for the men. 

The second day of GS was an exciting feat for the SVSEF men, sweeping nine of the top ten finishes. These results are a rare sight to see and an incredible performance by the team as a whole. The top ten included Noah Horsch (1st), Sacha Stern-Pre (2nd), Cole Sanford (3rd), Ulrich Rossi (4th), Owen Lancaster (5th), Conway Selznick (6th), Max Meucci (8th), Tucker Reimund (9th). Meanwhile, Ruby Smith took fifth and Meredith Bromley took sixth for the women’s division. 

While the GS races showcased fierce moments of strength, speed, and concentration, the slalom race on Sunday was a lively and energetic event, with snappy turns displaying immense agility and perseverance. The team stood strong and resilient despite a few challenging gates, with plenty of cheering from teammates to fuel the fire. 

The slalom race results included two female athletes on the podium, with Ruby Smith in first and Madison Vieara-McCarthy in second, and five athletes in the top 10 for the men, including: Sacha Stern-Pre (1st), Bodin Lee (3rd), Cole Sanford (4th), Owen Lancaster (5th), and Tucker Reimund (8th). 

After the long weekend, Flood Daves concluded, “Randy and I were excited to watch the talented and strong racers this weekend. Our family is honored to continue to celebrate our sister Laura and ski racing! The generations of extended ski families and friendships continue to inspire us and reaffirm our support of the young athletes that dedicate themselves to this sport.” 

On Sunday, the Laura Flood Memorial perpetual trophy was presented to two U16 athletes with the best overall race results of the weekend. This year, two SVSEF athletes took home the trophy for men and women, including Tucker Reimund and Ruby Smith. This award marks another proud moment for the coaches, parents, and staff that support the kids on their progressive journey through ski racing. 

SVSEF Athlete Results 

GS Day 1 (Friday, Feb. 9)


1st – Taylor Moe

2nd – Ruby Smith

7th – Elliot Leahy


2nd – Tucker Reimund

4th – Owen Lancaster

5th – Conway Selznick

8th – Jay Blackburn

GS Day 2 (Saturday, Feb. 10)


4th – Ruby Smith

6th – Meredith Bromley


1st – Noah Horsch

2nd – Sacha Stern-Pre

3rd – Cole Sanford

4th – Ulrich Rossi

5th – Owen Lancaster

6th – Conway Selznick 

8th – Max Meucci

9th – Tucker Reimund

Slalom (Sunday, Feb. 11)


1st – Ruby Smith

2nd – Madison Vieara-McCarthy 


1st – Sacha Stern-Pre

3rd – Bodin Lee

4th – Cole Sanford 

5th – Owen Lancaster

8th – Tucker Reimund


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