SVSEF Freestyle Team Rounds Up Personal Bests at Roundhouse Rumble

Tillie Babcock and Nic Rubenstein soar to first place finishes in Singles Moguls

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Freestyle team hosted the second annual Roundhouse Rumble this past weekend on Bald Mountain’s Roundhouse Slope. The team’s second intermountain competition on Baldy included three Singles Mogul events and one Dual Mogul event over the two-day period. 

Program Director and Coach John Grigsby was thrilled with the team’s efforts and the hometown results. “We had a lot of personal bests and podiums across all age groups, not to mention six of the top ten Saturday were SVSEF athletes!” said Grigsby. “It was awesome to see our athletes’ improvements all around but especially in our turn scores!”

Saturday was a huge success for SVSEF athletes, with six men and two women standing in top ten podium spots in the Saturday Singles Mogul competition. For the women, Tillie Babcock took first place and Isla Sundby stood in 10th place, while the men’s top ten included Nic Rubenstein (1st), Sylas Barrett (2nd), Drake Lovlien (7th), Will Hausmann (8th), Beau Forelli (9th), and Austin McMahan (10th). 

“Not only did this weekend account for a handful of personal best runs, our team also had a lot of age class podiums,” said Grigsby. “Beau Forelli (M15) had a standout performance compared to the older age groups, while Sylas Barrett led the charge for the men’s team taking 4th overall in the Singles Mogul on Sunday. Tillie Babcock had particularly impressive results this weekend, taking first overall in Singles Mogul on Saturday, second in Singles Mogul on Sunday, and first in Duals on Sunday. 

Next up, the Freestyle Travel team will head to Park City where they will compete at the Utah Olympic Park.


Saturday Moguls 1: 

Women Overall

1st – Tillie Babcock 

10th – Isla Sundby

Men Overall

1st – Nic Rubenstein

6th – Sylas Barrett

7th – Drake Lovlien

8th – Will Hausmann 

9th – Beau Forelli

10th – Austin McMahan


Sunday Moguls 2:

Women Overall

2nd – Tillie Babcock

8th – Catherine Wells-Dolson

Men Overall

4th – Sylas Barrett

6th – Drake Lovlien

10th – Nic Rubenstein