SVSEF Snowboard and Freeski Teams Shine at Slopestyle and Halfpipe Events

Exciting results from SVSEF athletes on second stop of the Big Mountain West Series!

The competition season is underway for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Freeski and Snowboard teams, with plenty of momentum coming out of the USASA Big Mountain West Series qualifier at Woodward Park City, UT. The Freeski and Snowboard teams brought nearly 20 athletes to compete in the halfpipe, rail jam, and slopestyle disciplines during the three-day competition period.

The WWPC event marks the first competition of the season for SVSEF snowboard athletes. This weekend was also the first opportunity for a majority of the team to combine jump and rail sequences on a slopestyle course. Slopestyle athletes Camille Armeen, Naomi Gorringe, Vivian Smith, Rylan Olson, Bixby Swanger, and Miles Hatzenbuehler finished in the top 10 for the Breaker category (ages 13-14), while Callie Allen took first place for Youth Women. 

“The athletes stepped up to the plate in slopestyle, showing off their style and comfort despite unfavorable weather conditions,” said snowboard coach, Scott Fairfax.

On day two, the athletes showcased their style in the halfpipe event, where practice on and off of Baldy really shone through. “The kids wasted no time dialing in runs,” said longtime Program Director, Andy Gilbert. “The energy level was high and a smaller halfpipe allowed riders to put together more creative runs with some technical tricks and spins.” 

Results from the halfpipe day boasted several SVSEF athletes breaking into the top five, including Naomi Gorringe, Camille Armeen, Vivian Smith, Rylan Olson, and Charlie Theobald in the Breaker category; and Callie Allen taking another first place for Youth Women.

The SVSEF Freeski team took center stage in all three disciplines with seven athletes placing in the top four for their age groups, including Brayden Smith, Blue Allen, Emmett Crist, Kai Van Bueren, Leo Hayes, George Corkery, and Spencer Ferries. Adding fuel to the fire, five of the athletes made their mark at the start of the series by placing in the top five in Jackson Hole – including Kai Van Bueren, Blue Allen, Barrett Beyer, Brayden Smith, and Leo Hayes.

Further south, Freeski Futures Head Coach Gui Brown joined athletes Zeppelin (Zep) Pilaro and Anton Holter at the first stop of the U.S. Revolution Tour (@usrevtour) at Copper Mountain, CO. The Revolution Tour was established as a stepping stone for athletes ages 13-18 to compete at an elite level on a national stage. 

Coach Gui left the tour proud of the athletes’ newfound accomplishments. “The boys flourished during the slopestyle competition,” he said. “Both athletes were able to link big doubles in their training runs; Holter with a switch left-side double 900 into a forward left double 1260 with a blunt grab. Pilaro managed to do the same switch double 900 into a forward left double 1440. These boys were able to up their game with a smile on their face and the rest of the field undoubtedly took notice that these two will be forces to reckon with in the years to come!”

Up next is the 2024 USASA Big Mountain West Dollar Slopestyle and Baldy Boardercross event Feb. 1-4. “The Dollar Slopestyle is always a fun hometown event,” said Freeski Program Director Tyler Conway. “The park crew built an impressive slopestyle line two weeks ahead of the competition, so we’re excited to see the kids bring new tricks to the table as they compete on home turf.”

With the boardercross event moving from Dollar to Baldy for the first time in over a decade, the slalom should be an exciting new course for all participants. 


SVSEF Snowboard Team Results at WWPC: 

Jan 25: Slopestyle

Breaker Girls (13-14)

Camille Armeen – 2nd 

Naomi Gorringe – 4th

Vivian Smith – 5th

Breaker Boys (13-14)

Rylan Olson – 6th 

Bixby Swanger 9th 

Miles Hatzenbuehler – 10th

Youth Women (15-16)

Callie Allen 1st 


Jan. 26: Halfpipe 

Breaker Girls (13-14): 

Noami Gorringe – 1st

Camille Armeen – 3rd

Vivian Smith – 4th

Breaker Boys (13-14):

Ryan Olson – 1st

Charlie Theobald – 5th

Youth Women: 

Callie Allen – 1st


SVSEF Freeski Team Results at WWPC: 

Jan 24: Rail Jam 

Freeski Girls (11-14):

2nd – Blue Allen 

Freeski Boys (7-10):

4th – Brayden Smith 

Freeski Boys (11-14):

2nd – Leo Hayes 

4th – Emmett Crist 

Freeski Men (15-22):

1st – Kai Van Bueren


Jan 25: Slopestyle

Freeski Girls (11-14):

1st – Blue Allen 

Freeski Breaker Boys (13-14):

1st – Barrett Beyer 

Freeski Youth Men’s (15-16):

2nd – Kai Van Bueren

Freeski Men (17-18):

1st – George Corkery

3rd – Spencer Ferries 


Jan 26: Halfpipe

Freeski Breaker Boys (13-14): 

1st – Barrett Beyer

2nd – Emmett Crist