SVSEF Alpine Teams Find Their Need for Speed at Wes Barron Speed Series

Ruby Smith Takes Overall Series Title for Women

In collaboration with the Jackson Hole Ski Club, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort hosted the Wes Barron Speed Series Jan. 26-29. Athletes from the SVSEF Alpine U14 Travel Team and the U16 Team traveled to Jackson Hole, WY for the Super G (SG) series, where the men and women each had three SG races over the four-day event.

The series welcomed 100 men and 100 women representing ten ski clubs from across the Intermountain Division, and was open to U14 and U16 age categories. Seventeen women and 10 men from the SVSEF U16 Team and U14 Travel Teams combined lined up against some of their toughest competition in the region. Awards were given to the top five overall men and women in each race and to the top woman and man overall at the end of the series.

The women raced on Friday and Saturday, where Ruby Smith stood on the top step of the winner’s podium for all three races, taking the overall title for the series. Smith won the first two races handily by 1.42 seconds and 1.62 seconds respectively; and stayed the course to win race three by 0.21 seconds. As a team, the women trended strongly in moving up from their starting bib number positions. Faith Enderle jumped from 22nd starting position to a fifth place overall podium finish in the women’s third race. Elliot Leahy started bib 28 in the first race and finished in 11th. For the next two races, Leahy started in 27th and finished in 10th and eighth respectively. 

“The Wes Barron Series is always a great test for our athletes to get on their speed skis and let things run,” said Nate Schwing, SVSEF U16 Head Coach. “Jackson Hole Ski Club and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort put on a really great event and it’s a fun atmosphere for the kids to compete against so many athletes from across the Intermountain Division. We’re super proud to see how the team’s strength and determination came through in their skiing this weekend amidst some challenging conditions with intermittent poor visibility. Everyone really rallied to support their teammates and encouraged each other throughout the series, which is always awesome to see as a coach.”

Race one for the men was held on Sunday with two SVSEF teammates finishing on the overall podium, both less than a second off of Jaden D’Amours’ (JHSC) winning time of 54.99. Ulrich Rossi took second place (+0.63) and Huxley Flood finished fifth (+0.84). In race two, Ulrich Rossi was just .02 seconds off the podium in sixth place. He came back in race three to take third place overall, only .73 behind the winning time; with teammate Tucker Reimund grabbing the fourth place overall podium spot just .06 behind Rossi.

“The teams’ tenacity was so great to watch,” said Gladys Weidt, SVSEF Alpine U16 Assistant Coach. “Sometimes the variable conditions and the level of competition with this many athletes running the course can be mentally challenging on their own, let alone then pulling together the run you want for every race. I’m super psyched that our teams had a solid speed series at this point in the season, and we’re excited to host the U16s from around the region at the upcoming Laura Flood Memorial Race in Sun Valley Feb. 9-11.”

SVSEF Athlete Results:

Women Race 1 – Friday, Jan. 26

Overall Results: SVSEF 3 in top 15

1st – Ruby Smith – 51.92

11th – Elliot Leahy

12th – Faith Enderle

22nd – Alyssa Huntsman 

23rd – Fleur Brazil

27th – Kennedy Kelly

31st – Ruby Thurston

33rd – Madalyn Neal

37th – Bianca Smith (U14)

38th – Zoe Stern-Pre

47th – Anna Yuras

53rd – Jasmine Smiley (U14)

66th – Alexandra Heidel (U14)

79th – Sasha Preuss (U14)

81st – Elle Deckard

Women Race 2 – Saturday, Jan. 27

Overall Results: SVSEF 2 in top 10

1st – Ruby Smith 

10th – Elliot Leahy 

13th – Kennedy Kelly

14th – Faith Enderle

21st – Fleur Brazil

27th – Zoe Stern-Pre

33rd – Bianca Smith (U14)

34th – Ruby Thurston

37th – Madalyn Neal

43rd – Anna Yuras

51st – Jasmine Smiley (U14)

62nd – Alaska Sewell

64th – Alexandra Heidel (U14)

70th – Ruby Campbell

72nd – Sasha Preuss (U14)

76th – Elle Deckard

Women Race 3 – Saturday, Jan. 27

Overall Results: SVSEF 3 in top 10

1st – Ruby Smith

5th – Faith Enderle

8th – Elliot Leahy

19th – Kennedy Kelly

27th – Fleur Brazil

30th – Ruby Thurston

34th – Madalyn Neal

35th – Alyssa Huntsman

36th – Bianca Smith (U14)

37th – Zoe Stern-Pre

49th – Anna Yuras

55th – Jasmine Smiley (U14)

61st – Alexandra Heidel (U14)

63rd – Ruby Campbell

70th – Alaska Sewell

77th – Elle Deckard

81st – Sasha Preuss (U14)

Men Race 1 – Sunday, Jan. 28

Overall Results: SVSEF 2 in top 10

2nd – Ulrich Rossi

5th – Huxley Flood

15th – Tucker Reimund

16th – Jay Blackburn

17th – Conway Selznick

33rd – Reid Holman

52nd – Henry Flynn (U14)

53rd – Wyatt Limburg (U14)

54th – Declan O’Toole (U14)

Men Race 2 – Monday, Jan. 28

Overall Results: SVSEF 2 in top 10

6th – Ulrich Rossi

7th – Tucker Reimund

11th – Huxley Flood

17th – Jay Blackburn

19th – Conway Selznick

32nd – Reid Holman

54th – Declan O’Toole (U14)

57th – Henry Flynn (U14)

63rd – Wyatt Limburg (U14)

75th – Thomas Connell

Men Race 3 – Monday, Jan. 28

Overall Results: SVSEF 3 in top 10

3rd – Ulrich Rossi

4th – Tucker Reimund

9th – Huxley Flood

22nd – Jay Blackburn

24th – Conway Selznick

27th – Reid Holman

39th – Declan O’Toole (U14)

51st – Henry Flynn (U14)

53rd – Wyatt Limburg (U14)

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About the Wes Barron Speed Series

In collaboration with the Jackson Hole Ski Club, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort hosts the annual Wes Barron Speed Series. Through the efforts of the Barron family and the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, the Wes Barron Scholarship Fund was established in his name, and is making a difference in the lives of local children. The Fund helps local kids with financial need, participate in alpine racing. Through this fund, Wes continues to positively impact and inspire local kids who otherwise may not be able to participate in the sport.