Mariah Bredal and Peter Wolter Take Top Honors at 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb

Hikers and runners tackle River Run to Roundhouse in support of SVSEF

The 45th Annual Baldy Hill Climb took place on Saturday in support of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF). To wrap up September under true fall weather skies, more than 280 participants hiked and raced 1.8 miles and 2,045 vertical feet up the River Run side to finish at Sun Valley’s Roundhouse. The event is organized annually by the SVSEF Cross Country Team.

“What a great day!” said Becky Woods, SVSEF’s Cross Country Program Director. “It was so much fun to see the community come together for this event to support SVSEF and all the young skiers in the Valley. It is inspiring to see the age range of the participants hiking and racing. It is proof you can be a mountain athlete your whole life! Thank you to our volunteers who helped make this event run smoothly, Sun Valley Company and our sponsors—Sturtevants, Atkinsons’ Market, Proctor Mountain Group, Salomon, Durance, Coxa, Backwoods Mountain Sports, Elephant’s Perch, HydraPak, and Boulder Mountain Clayworks for believing in the mission and supporting our programs.”

Peter Wolter once again held off 11-time Baldy Hill Climb winner, Miles Fink-Debray, with a solid one-minute lead over Fink-Debray who finished in second place for his 20th podium finish, while Jackson Long wrapped up the men’s podium in third. Newest SVSEF XC Gold Team member, Mariah Bredal, topped the women’s podium and held off 14-year-old SVSEF XC Prep Team’s Duncan Fryberger to capture fourth overall in the race class.

Peter Wolter, SVSEF XC Gold Team Member and winner of the men’s race said, “The race was great, it ended up being pretty difficult because the first bit required quite a bit of running and the final stretch had some downhill running. I’m more of a power hiker type of “running race” guy so this year’s race was challenging but super happy to have taken the win! Battling it out with Miles was great and I look forward to next year.”

“The race up the mountain today was really hard but also a great event,” said the SVSEF XC Gold Team’s newest teammate Mariah Bredal, after her first experience participating in the Baldy Hill Climb. “I personally felt fresh on the start line ready to give an all-out effort, and it was rewarding to see the summer’s training pay off! I would recommend this race to anyone thinking of taking on a good hill climb!”

Heard from the finish line when SVSEF PrepPro Team member Stella St. George finished, “That was so fun… really so fun!”

2023 Women’s Race Podium Results:
1. Mariah Bredal 31:38 (SVSEF XC Gold Team)
2. Alexa Turzian 36:15 (SVSEF Alum)
3. Lili Hansen 38:12

2023 Men’s Race Podium Results:
1. Peter Wolter 28:27 (SVSEF XC Gold Team)
2. Miles Fink-Debray 30:06
3. Jackson Long 31:00

Complete results are posted online at