FIS Team update from Coach Nate Schwing

FIS Team,

 We have been busy in office working and planning for the nearing winter season.  We have been sending out quite a bit of information about dryland and our upcoming fall camps.  I wanted to send you all a quick summarization of what we have been working on and what we plan to work on as we move into the fall season.


Dryland – Our fall dryland program will kick off next week.  The first day of dryland will be Tuesday, November 8.  The team will meet at the Sun Valley Pavilion Lawn (flag pole) from 4-5:30 p.m. 


Equipment – I have been working with many families on purchasing equipment for the season.  I have the sense that most families have either ordered equipment or are in the process of ordering equipment.  I also know that there are some of you out there who haven’t begun the equipment ordering process yet.  I recommend that if you haven’t ordered your skis equipment yet that you make that a priority in the near future.  This is the time when reps and ski companies get busy and it pays off to order your equipment early so that you have ample time to prepare your equipment in time for fall camps.  If anyone needs assistance or has any questions as to what they need to order, please get in touch with me. 


Equipment night – We will be having our annual equipment night sometime around the end of September.  This is a night where company reps come to town and sell their brands at a racer price discount.  Local ski shops also sell race gear at a racer price discount.  Equipment Night is a good time to pick up helmets, poles, gloves, suits, etc.  I anticipate the date for Equipment Night will be solidified soon and we will pass that date along when it is set. 


Fall Camps – The deadline for the Soelden World Cup trip and the Europe camp has come and past and we have our rosters set for those projects.  We have a big group attending which is great!  For those athletes not attending Europe we are planning a four-day slalom camp at Snow King, Nov. 5-8.  We are working on solidifying a camp announcement and we will share that announcement soon. 


Western Region Camps – The Western Region has gone though some staffing changes that have delayed their fall camp announcements and invites.  The new WR staff began working together this week and I have been told that information on the Western Region camps will come out on Friday.  We will have a number of athletes who will be invited to these projects and we will work with athletes and families individually to decide if there are Western Region camps that make sense in preparation for the season. 


Career Development – Erika Rixon (formally Hogan) has been crafting SVSEF’s new career development program which assists SVSEF athletes with college and athletic planning following their time with SVSEF.  The rollout of this program will happen in the fall with an initial meeting available to athletes and families.  For this year’s seniors, you have most likely started the process of identifying potential schools.  I know some seniors are further along in this process than others and we have been receiving valuable feedback from seniors who have visited schools and met with college coaches.  Erika is available to assist in this process and I encourage seniors to get in touch with Erika and schedule a meeting with her.  For any seniors who have aspirations or are considering ski racing beyond their time at SVSEF, the time is now to start exploring options and taking the initiative to contact potential college coaches.