Finnigan Donley Takes 2nd Overall at U18 Junior National Alpine Championships

Strength in Speed Delivers Solid Showing for SVSEF Team

Nine members of the SVSEF FIS team were selected to represent the Western Region at last week’s U18 Junior National Alpine Championships; more than any other team within the region’s selection quota of 20 athletes. The series was hosted at Vail, CO Mar. 1-7 and included Men’s and Women’s Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, and Slalom.

SVSEF athletes representing the Western Region were Finnigan Donley, Nils Galloway, Colin Hanna, and Kai Subith on the men’s side; and Jessica Blackburn, Paige DeHart, Saba Grossman, Maya Lightner, and Lauren Stendell for the women.

“We had an incredible series at U18 Nationals in Vail,” said KJ Savaria, SVSEF FIS Coach. “Every SVSEF athlete showed up on race day and gave it their all. The SVSEF FIS coaching staff couldn’t be more proud of them and their efforts this season!”

The championships kicked off with the Downhill, with Paige DeHart taking 3rd place and Maya Lightner 4th for the women, and Finnigan Donley grabbing a podium spot in 4th. Kai Subith earned a top 10 finish. Next up was Super G and Paige DeHart stepped onto the podium again in 5th, with Finnigan Donley in 4th, and Colin Hanna and Nils Galloway landing in the top ten in 6th and 7th.

Women’s Downhill: Paige DeHart 3rd, Maya Lightner 4th
Men’s Downhill: Finnigan Donley 4th

In the Giant Slalom for the women, Paige DeHart placed 16th and Maya Lightner raced to a strong 25th in a field that saw only 45 athletes finish both runs and more than 30 DNFs. The competition was also fierce for the men with Finnigan Donley just 0.09 seconds off the podium in 8th, Kai Subith cracked the top 10 only 1.77 seconds back, and Nils Galloway nailed the top 20.

For Men’s Slalom, Finnigan Donley made his third trip to the podium in 3rd place, securing his 2nd Place Overall title for the 2022 U18 U.S. Junior National Alpine Championships. In women’s Slalom, it was Jessica Blackburn landing in the top 20 in 18th.

Finnigan Donley takes 2nd Overall

“Our athletes brought everything they’ve been working on this season to their races at the U18 Junior Nationals and we came away with results they should be really proud of,” said Will Brandenburg, SVSEF Alpine Program Director. “Competing at Vail against athletes who have grown up skiing there on their home snow, on their home hill, elevated the level of competition at a venue unfamiliar to our athletes. I’m super psyched for our entire team, and Finn coming away with the 2nd Overall, along with the performances in the speed events, just emphasizes the focus, talent, and teamwork these athletes continue to display.”

SVSEF Athlete Results

Men’s Downhill (DH)
Finnigan Donley – 4th
Kai Subith – 10th
Nils Galloway – 29th

Men’s Super G (SG)
Finnigan Donley – 4th
Colin Hanna – 6th
Nils Galloway – 7th
Kai Subith – 24th

Men’s Giant Slalom (GS)
Finnigan Donley – 8th
Kai Subith – 10th
Nils Galloway – 20th

Men’s Slalom (SL)
Finnigan Donley – 3rd

Men’s Overall – Finnigan Donley – 2nd

Women’s Downhill (DH)
Paige DeHart – 3rd
Maya Lightner – 4th
Lauren Stendell – 42nd

Women’s Super G (SG)
Paige DeHart – 5th
Maya Lightner – 21st
Jessica Blackburn – 23rd
Lauren Stendell – 49th

Women’s Giant Slalom (GS)
Paige DeHart – 16th
Maya Lightner – 25th

Women’s Slalom (SL)
Jessica Blackburn – 18th
Lauren Stendell 44th
Saba Grossman – 49th

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Featured Photo of SVSEF Western Region team members, pictured L-R:
FIS Coach KJ Savaria, Nils Galloway, Kai Subith, Finnigan Donley, Maya Lightner, Colin Hanna, Saba Grossman, Jessica Blackburn, Paige DeHart, Lauren Stendell.