2nd Annual Intramural Scrimmage Slopestyle

By Andy Gilbert
On Sunday, March 13th, SVSEF hosted its 2nd Annual Intramural Scrimmage Slopestyle event at Rotarun in Hailey, Idaho!

Part contest, part showcase, this just-for-fun event had SVSEF Snowboard, Freeski, and Mini X programs taking part. Geared towards the younger riders in the programs, it’s a great way for parents and supporters to come out and see what these young skiers and riders have been up to this season.

Riley Berman and the Rotarun Crew, along with SVSEF Coaches, built a great course which featured two jumps and two rail options as well as a pyramid feature; and keeping with the “Scrimmage” theme, a basketball hoop/jump hybrid was employed to spice things up. The event was run in ‘Jam’ format, which allowed for everyone to be creative in their runs and use all the features provided. The kids wasted no time showing everyone what they have been learning on all the venues this valley has to offer. Tons of progression was on display with multiple 360’s, 540’s, and even a few inverted tricks in the mix. Every time a ball made it in the basket the crowd went wild!

Again, the emphasis on the day was to have fun and maybe win a few prizes for your efforts. The Board Bin along with Pow gloves, Mervin Snowboards, Protec Helmets, Volcom, Atomic, Nordica, and Press Print House helped bring in the swag. The whole scene made for a really fun day and hats off to the SVSEF Coaches from all the disciplines for keeping the stoke level super high all day!

Here are some of the riders that stood out on the day:

12 & Under Boys:
1 Enzo Schmillen
2 Rylan Olson
3 Quinn Enoch
In the mix: Rory Gadhia, Liam Romero, Clive Freytag

13 & Over Girls:
1 Callie Allen
2 Emma Lurie
3 Camilla Parks

12 & Under Boys
1 Barrett Beyer
2 Landon Delancy
3 Caleb Covington
In the mix: Braden Smith, Cru Kelly, Cooper & Charlie Veregge, Balen Ahren, Anders Bemis

13 & Over Boys
1 Sage Shumacher