Athletes of the week

Athletes of the week

January 29, 2021

Abby Berner

Abby is new to the sport of ski racing, but that hasn’t held her back!  She has made huge leaps in ability.  She raced her first ski race ever last week, with nowhere to go but up!  She pushes herself every day, whether its in a course or jumping a cat track on a powder day!  Abby is also very supportive of her teammates, always maintaining a sunny disposition and a positive, yet fiery, attitude.  We can’t wait to see what else is in store for her this year! – Coach Charlotte Gourlay

Nic Rubenstien

Over the past few weeks Nic has been working hard on fine tuning his competition runs and his hard work is really starting to pay off. Last week Nic set a new personal high score with a 63 which ended up putting him on the podium for his age group. -Coach John Grigsby

Eavan Brow

Eavan is a new skier on this team this year and has been just an awesome addition.  Every day Eavan is just pumped to be at ski team and her energy for the sport is both palpable and contagious, you can’t be on the trails with Eavan and not become stoked to be there.  Learning a new sport, specifically XC skiing can be a very difficult and frustrating endeavor but somehow for Eavan it has only been a great adventure, every day she rises to the challenges we put in front of her, pushing herself and her teammates to be better.  It doesn’t matter if we are logging kms, learning technique, playing games or doing intervals, Eavan is always smiling and encouraging herself and her teammates to continue on.  I have seen her ski along side a teammate during and interval workout; totally out of breath, pushing herself to her limits and still find the energy to cheer for her teammate.  She is such an important addition and our team this year wouldn’t be complete without her! – Coach Kelley Sinnott