Athletes of the Week

Athletes of the Week

February 7 2021

Mabel Dietz

Mabel is on Baldy Devo and LASAR. She is a Good Person and a Great teammate. She has worked hard to improve her Skiing. We look for Mabel to do well as she continues her journey! – Coach Brian Caulkins

Camille Fox

Camille is a rookie Travel Team member who came to the program with only two seasons of snowboarding and no expectations other than taking her riding to a new level. She has done that in short order going from an eager good rider to a shredder who is comfortable on all terrain now.

Camille said it best to the coaches recently when asked how snowboarding was fitting into her life? She said, “Snowboarding was something I liked to do, now it’s like everything”!

Keep it up Camille your coaches and teammates are stoked you are here and on the progression your making! – Coach Andy Gilbert

Noah Horsch & Meredith Bromley

Noah Horsch and Meredith Bromley have been selected to represent the USSA Team as Athletes of the Week!  Both Noah and Meredith sustained major injuries in January which will keep them off the snow for some time.  This was very unfortunate as both athletes are very committed to their sport, and we have been missing them out at training and at races!  Meredith and Noah are both new to the team this year, but they have quickly become valued teammates to all. Though they encountered a set-back, their past efforts and improvements are not lost!  They may have to take a break from skiing for a bit, but the opportunity to improve in other aspects of the sport can now take center stage!  We wish Noah and Meredith well on their road to recovery!  We are looking forward to having them back with the team in the future! – Coach Nate Schwing