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Dasha Romanov, Alpine FIS

Dasha Romanov is a senior at the Sun Valley Community School, but is a first-year FIS athlete. This season, she has seen success at NorAms and FIS races, earning a spot on a training and racing trip to Europe with the U.S. Development women’s team. In Europe, she tackled FIS races appropriate for her age and where she is developmentally, to see success and also compete in challenging fields. She competed in Utah for the FIS Elite Series – she had a number of good results, especially in slalom in her first runs, and was able to qualify for U.S. Nationals (unofficial). Most recently, she competed at Junior Nationals at Snowbasin, where she reached the podium in the slalom. Skiing to third place in a field that included skiers up to 20 years in age was a big accomplishment for a first-year FIS athlete. “She is extremely self-disciplined, amazingly so,” said Schwing. “Dasha battled some injuries earlier this season, with an ankle roll in the fall and a concussion at Thanksgiving Camp, which kept her out for much of December. She has definitely battled through those injuries, and it’s been awesome to see her succeed despite some setbacks.”

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Jack Smith, Alpine PG

Jack Smith, who graduated from the Sun Valley Community School in 2019, is currently a member of the U.S. Alpine “D” Team, as well as the Western Region PG Team. Jack has been competing on the NorAm circuit this season, and based on results as well as discretion, was selected to represent the U.S. at World Juniors in Norway. He is the third SVSEF male skier to qualify for World Juniors in recent years, behind notable former SVSEF athletes Tanner Farrow and Kipling Wiesel. “Jack has clearly made it, based on his work ethic and passion for the sport – there is no mistake that he wants to be a ski racer. That’s what he works for, and it’s been cool to see him get the nod for World Juniors,” said SVSEF FIS coach Nate Schwing.

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Dasha, third in slalom at Junior Nationals