107 SVSEF Athletes Receive Academic Award

Managing a full-time athletic schedule while handling a rigorous academic curriculum is a delicate balancing act for SVSEF student-athletes. Fatigue from hard workouts, competition and travel can take its toll in the classroom. Being able to juggle the demands of school and athletics, often among those of other commitments and hobbies, is no easy task. However, the restrictions on time and energy often come with the benefit of keeping one focused, organized and able to prioritize.
This year, SVSEF is proud to recognize 107 student-athletes for their achievements in academia; the athletes listed below have “earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or greater while training and competing with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation,” according to SVSEF Academic Director Matt Leidecker. Cumulative GPA implies that the record keeping begins when the athlete enters ninth grade, and the award only recognizes the 9-12 grade levels.
Academic Award Recipients:
Alpine: Madison Ferris, Lily Fitzgerald, Bennett Snyder, Cooper Dart, Ruby Marden, Elizabeth Vanderkloot, Libby Lindstrom, Lucy More, Hayden Terjeson, Charlie Stumph, Ella Viesturs, Skylar Cooley, Cailin Chandler, Will Snyder, Nikolette Sabiers, Molly Milgard, Lauren Ashley Helm, Walter Lafky, Ian Hanna, Charlie Lamb, Keegan Webber, John Blackburn, Erin Smith, Katelyn Rathfon, Matt O’Connor, Wyatt Minor, Max Noddings, Abby Norton, Jake Blackburn, Sage Rheinschild, Lukas DeWolfe, Hunter Kern, Grace Pepin, Carter Jendrezak, Griffin Curtis, Jay Fitzgerald, Kristian DeWolfe, Blake Deilke, Duncan Fuller, Libby Kaiser, Addy Jacobsen, Kaia Jensen, Ransom Bleyer, Wyatt Barth, Anastasie Echeverria, Jackson Swenke, Yuri McClure, Noah Leininger, Wyatt Smith
Freestyle/Freeskiing: Eliza Marks, Hunter Diehl, Alex LaFleur, Henry Cherp, Blake Harmon, Addison Rafford, Wilson Dunn, Andrew Wharton Bickley, Tobias Verheijen, Evathea Drougas, Devon Brown, Trey Potter, Benjamin Anderson, Enrique Dolores, Alvaro Jiraldo, Katherine Markthaler, Luke Rizzo, Parker Nance, Hanna Blackwell, Brody Buchwalter, Lieder Schwartz, Rainey Wilson, Sarah Kope
Snowboarding: Elk Spencer, Cora Kaiser, Landon Moore, Payton Bacca, Aidan Green, Phebe Ericksen
Nordic: Isabella Bourret, Sophia Mazzoni, Kiran Merchant, Keene Morawitz, Joe Hall, Annika Landis, Katherine Estep, Max Tanous, Henry Raff, Emily Siegel, Peter Wolter, Naia Drougas, Ella Wolter, Max Polito, Ellie Polk, Leo Lukens, Luke Brecheen, Ben Brunelle, Lily Brunelle, Jenna Nurge, Landon Nurge, Sarah Truxal, Danny Graves, Dane Thompson, Carter Ros, Jacob Truxal, Ellie Gorham, Cooper Roquet, Loni Unser, River Vorse, Lexi Day, Michaela Petty, Eve Jensen