Week in Review: March 20

Jake Adicoff and Sawyer Kesselheim with their silver medals in Pyeongchang.


Alum Jake Adicoff took silver in the men’s VI 10km classic on Saturday in Pyeongchang. Jake, who was disqualified in the sprint earlier in the week post-event, stayed positive, stayed focused, and put together a great race to end the individual portion of his Paralympic competition. He was guided by Sawyer Kesselheim, who works at Galena Lodge. In the 4×2.5 km mixed relay on Sunday, Jake anchored a team that included Kendall Gretsch (sit skier, skied two legs) and Ruslan Reiter (standing) to seventh place.

Payton (far left, blue helmet) in the gate.


Payton and Zoe Bacca

Payton Bacca, a member of the snowboard team, has been traveling the U.S. to get more high-level competition under her belt. She recently competed in two NorAm Cup snowboardcross events at Sugarloaf, Maine, and one RevTour snowboardcross event. The fields hosted athletes from U.S., Canadian, Australian and Romanian national teams. Payton had a successful week, finding the podium in third at the RevTour SBX. In the NorAm events, she qualified and made finals both days, with 13th and 15th place finishes. Currently, Payton is the third ranked 2001 athlete in the U.S., and the #12 ranked 2001 athlete in the world on the March FIS list.

Payton (R) in third at the Sugarloaf RevTour

Both Payton and her younger sister Zoe competed at the Toyota Super Girl Snow Pro at Big Bear in Southern California this past weekend. The event is a professional-level snowboardcross and halfpipe showcase event, that also incorporates athletes at the developmental level. The SBX even was led this year by 10-time X Games gold medalist and four-time U.S. Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis. Zoe and Payton competed as pros, among names like Lindsey Jacobellis, Faye Gulini and Meghan Tierney. A slew of big guns were there for halfpipe, as well – from Hannah Teter to Kelly Clark, Torah Bright and Jamie Anderson.
The SBX pro event had 16 competitors (three who just came off of performances at the 2018 Olympics). Because there were no time trails as there usually are for events like World Cups and NorAms, places 9-16 were determined by how an athlete finished in her heat. Payton was third in her heat, meaning she tied for ninth place, and Zoe was fourth and tied for 13th.
Zoe and Payton, front row, left and center


Nation Age Team
1 Faye Gulini USA 25 US Snowboard Team 2018 Olympics
2 Lindsey Jacobellis USA 32 US Snowboard Team 2018 Olympics
3 Colleen Healey USA 21 USA / Team Healey
4 Isabella Gomez USA 16 Summit at Snoqualmie
5 Meghan Tierney USA 21 US Snowboard Team 2018 Olympics
6 Nellie Steinhoff USA 23 Auburn Ski Club, CA
7 Anna Miller USA 21 Team Reign-USA
8 Livi Molodyh USA 18 Mt. Bachelor- MBSEF
9 Payton Bacca USA 16 Sun Valley-SVSEF
9 Tamara Cowley AUS 17 Team Reign-Australia
9 Haili Moyer CAN 22 Ontario Ski Club
9 Alex White CAN 17 CAN /BC Provincal Team
13 Shannon Maguire USA 19 Park City SBX Team
13 Zoe Bacca USA 14 Sun Valley-SVSEF
13 Audry Shieh CAN 18 CAN /BC Provincal Team
13 Megan Hebert CAN 25 CAN /BC Provincal Team



Will Griffith, who qualified for the Rev Tour, competed at Mammoth for the series in freeski big air and slopestyle. He had a great result in 12th in the big air competition, and finished 42nd in slopestyle.

Charlie Stumph, Wilson Dunn and Alex Lafleur at Whistler.

IFSA Big Mountain

IFSA Big Mountain athletes were scattered throughout the West this week, with some at home, others at Whistler for a national level competition, and still others at Snowbird for another national event. Esmee Verheijen led the charge at Whistler for women, taking eighth, just in front of teammates Katie Markthaler and Addie Rafford in ninth and 12th in the 15-18 age class. Alex LaFleur threw down a solid run, placing sixth overall for 15-18 men. Hunter Diehl was 10th, Wilson Dunn 12th and Wyatt Minor 22nd. At Snowbird, Joe Goitiandia was 36th overall for 12-14 year old men. Axel Diehl finished 47th in the 15-18 category, and Molly Kucher finished 11th for 15-18 women. Paris Pratt received a TDQ (time disqualification).



NorAm finals, Kimberly, BC
Both Lily Fitzgerald and Alli Rathfon scored their first NorAm points at NorAm finals in Kimberly, BC – a huge accomplishment, as you have to be top 30 in the field, as well as within 8% of the winner. Lily scored points in both the super G (27th place) and the alpine combined (23rd), and Alli scored points in the second super G (28th).
“It was a great experience for both of them, being around high caliber athletes and getting to see how they work in this setting,” noted coach Brett Morris.


Western Region Junior Champs, Schweitzer
SVSEF FIS athletes competed in six events; two giant slalom, two super G and two slalom races, over the course of six days at Schweitzer. Two different SVSEF athletes found the podium, and a number made top ten throughout the week, speaking to the strength of this team. Spencer Wright was second in the men’s first super G, with teammates Jack Smith and Hayden Terjeson also breaking the top 10 in seventh and ninth. Jack took second in the same discipline the next day, with Spencer joining him in third. John Blackburn had a solid finish in sixth in the same event. John’s sibling Jake Blackburn had his best finish in the giant slalom, skiing to 22nd. Max Noddings also clocked his top result in the same race, finishing 19th. Ian Hanna’s top finish was in the super G in 77th, Bennett Snyder’s was in the super G in 12th, and Thomas Klose had a solid finish in the slalom in 23rd.
For women, Maddie Ferris had her top result in the giant slalom, in which she finished seventh overall. Cailin Chandler’s top posting was 41st in slalom.
Women’s GS 1
Maddie Ferris – 7, Cailin Chandler – 48
Men’s super G 1
Spence Wright – 2, Jack Smith – 7, Hayden Terjeson – 9, John Blackburn – 11, Max Noddings – 21, Bennett Snyder – 23, Jake Blackburn – 39, Thomas Klose – 56, Ian Hanna – 91
Women’s GS 2
Maddie – DNF, Cailin – DNF
Men’s super G 2
Jack – 2, Spencer – 3, John – 6, Hayden – 11, Bennett – 12, Max – 23, Jake – 49, Thomas – 58, Ian – 77
Men’s GS 1
John – 5, Spencer – 10, Jack – 15, Hayden – 16, Max – 22, Jake – 29, Bennett – 46, Thomas – 56, Ian – DNF
Women’s super G 1
Maddie – 16, Cailin – 48
Men’s GS 2
Jack – 10, Max – 19, Spencer – 20, Jake – 22, Bennett – 48, Thomas – DNF, Hayden – DNF, John – DNF, Ian – DNF
Women’s super G 2
Maddie- 31, Cailin – 48
Women’s slalom 1
Maddie- 19, Cailin -42
Men’s slalom 1
Spencer – 5, Hayden – 7, Thomas – 23, Jake -25, Max – 26, Bennett – 27, Will Snyder (alum, attends Williams College) – 32, John – DNF, Ian – DNF, Jack – DNF
Women’s slalom 2
Maddie – 20, Cailin – 41
Men’s slalom 2
Will Snyder (alum) – 3, Hayden -9, Max – 20, Bennett – 23, Spencer -35, Jack – DNF, John- DNF, Jake – DNF, Ian- DNF, Thomas -DNF


U14 Western Region Champs, Jackson
SVSEF IMD skiers had a great weekend at U14 Western Region Championships in Jackson, with Logan Lindstrom taking the women’s overall win. Athletes Jessica Blackburn, Saba Grossman, Logan Lindstrom, Paige DeHart, and Colin Hanna were all top six overall for the weekend, and have therefore qualified for the Whistler Cup in April. An international race series for U14s and first year U16s, this is a big deal and a great opportunity for these athletes. SVSEF had the most athletes of any club qualify. “After seeing athletes from Far West, PSNA, Alaska, and Northern compete, it is pretty clear that Sun Valley and the Intermountain Division are doing something very right in our development,” reflected IMD head coach James Tautkus. “For us, every day we ski at home may feel like just another day; however, our days are filled with better, stronger development opportunities than any of these other divisions, and it showed in our athletes’ skiing this weekend.” Highlights for the weekend came in the form of Colin Hanna’s second place finish in the super G and sixth place in the giant slalom. Nils Galloway had a great slalom race, making the top 10 in seventh. In the women’s super G, SVSEF put four athletes in the top 10 – Jessica Blackburn was second, Saba Grossman third, Paige DeHart sixth and Logan Lindstrom seventh. Jessica was again second in the giant slalom, and Paige joined her on the podium in third. Logan Lindstrom was close behind in sixth, and skied to first the next day in the slalom. She was the overall women’s winner for the weekend, with strong, consistent performances (seventh in super G, sixth in giant slalom, first in slalom). Saba was second in the slalom, Hannah Ferris posted a great result in ninth, and Agnes Kind stepped it up and into 16th on the day. The women and men as a whole stayed consistently and collectively in the top half of the field throughout the weekend, speaking to the strong grouping this team possesses.

Overall winner for the weekend, Logan Lindstrom, with coach James Tautkus.

Men’s super G
Colin Hanna -2, Nils Galloway – 10, Carter Sammis – DNF
Women’s super G
Jessica Blackburn – 2, Saba Grossman – 3, Paige DeHart – 6, Logan Lindstrom – 7, Hannah Ferris – 11, Maya Lightner – 13, Agnes Kind – 28
Men’s GS
Colin Hanna – 6, Nils Galloway – 14, Carter Sammis – DNF
Women’s GS
Jessica Blackburn – 2, Paige DeHart – 3, Logan Lindstrom – 6, Saba Grossman – 11, Hannah Ferris – 23, Agnes Kind – 29, Maya Lightner – DNF
Men’s slalom
Nils Galloway – 7, Carter Sammis – DNF, Colin Hanna – DNF
Women’s slalom
Logan Lindstrom – 1, Saba Grossman – 2, Hannah Ferris – 9, Agnes Kind – 16, Paige DeHart – 29, Maya Lightner – DQ, Jessica Blackburn – DNF

North Series

IMD Champs, Grand Targhee
The North Series team traveled to Grand Targhee for IMD Championships. Max Meucci cranked out a win in the slalom, and Tucker Smith finished third in the giant slalom. Will Kogelmann joined Max and Tucker (seventh) in the top 10 in the slalom, skiing to ninth overall. Owen Walker and Will had good results in the giant slalom, as well, going 14-15. Natalie Gowe stepped onto the podium for girls, finishing third in the slalom, and teammate Ruby Crist clocked a fast time, coming in fifth. The athletes put it all on the line for the Championships; Norah Davis-Jeffers finished 17th in the slalom, Eden Grace Gardner 20th, and Ava Agnew 29th. Hanna Bailey (41st), Madda Mourier-Floyd (43rd), Rowan Desler (46th), Scarlet Rixon (48th), Simone Tumolo (50th) and Scarlet Pringle (62nd) all had their best results in the slalom, as well. Scarlett Carruth and Josie Sarchett both had their top races in the giant slalom event, skiing to 39th and 54th, respectively. Paxton Sammis skied fast in the slalom, coming in 22nd. Other SVSEF athletes who had their top result in the slalom were Sascha Stern-Pre, finishing 28th, Abel Marx (39th) and Drew Kogelmann (62nd). Tommy Hovey posted his best, 58th, in the giant slalom.
In duals, Tucker and Will qualified for the final round of eight; Will finished fourth and Tucker was eliminated in the first round.
Men’s giant slalom
Tucker Smith – 3, Owen Walker -14, Will Kogelmann -15, Paxton Sammis – 28, Abel Marx- 42, Sacha Stern-Pre – 45, Tommy Hovey – 58, Max Meucci – DNF, Jensen Pierre – DQ, Drew Kogelmann – DQ
Women’s giant slalom
Natalie Gowe – 10, Ruby Crist – 13, Eden Grace Gardner – 27, Scarlett Carruth – 39, Rowan Desler – 48, Madda Mourier-Floyd – 50, Ava Agnew – 52, Josie Sarchett – 54, Scarlet Rixon – 60
Simone Tumolo – 61, Hanna Bailey – 64, Norah Davis-Jeffers – 70, Scarlet Pringle – 77, Taylor Hovey – DQ
Men’s slalom
Max Meucci – 1, Tucker Smith – 7, Will Kogelmann – 9, Paxton Sammis – 22, Sacha Stern-Pre -28, Abel Marx – 39, Drew Kogelmann – 62, Tommy Hovey – 76, Jensen Pierre – DNF, Owen Walker – DQ
Women’s slalom
Natalie Gowe – 3, Ruby Crist – 5, Norah Davis-Jeffers – 17, Eden Grace Gardner – 20, Ava Agnew – 29, Hanna Bailey 41, Madda Mourier-Floyd – 43, Rowan Desler – 46, Scarlet Rixon – 48, Simone Tumolo – 50, Scarlet Pringle – 62, Taylor Hovey – DNF, Scarlett Carruth – DQ, Josie Sarchett – DQ