The Week in Review: 2/7/17



This is the fifth week of I am SVSEF: an opportunity each week to highlight our athletes for demonstrating the core values of the organization.

Sportsmanship • Citizenship • Character • Teamwork • Creativity • Passion • Perseverance

Here are the I Am SVSEF athletes featured for the week of February 7, 2017:

Jett Carruth

ALPINE: Jett Carruth is an eighth grader at Community School and a member of the Alpine IMD Team. Said James Tautkus, Head IMD Coach:

Jett has always had the speed but has struggled putting a whole run together. At the end of January Jett opted out of going on the road and took advantage of staying at home to train. He took a step back from his speed and worked on his focus of execution and technique. The result of his effort materialized into his first hardware ever. Jett placed 5th in the first SuperG qualifying race at Snowbasin over the weekend and backed it up with a 14th and 12th thus proving to himself that if he puts in the work the results will follow. A real inspiration to his teammates and coaches.

Chloe Tanous

CROSS COUNTRY: Chloe Tanous is a tenth grader at Community School, and this is her second year on Comp Team. Ashley Knox, Head Comp Team Coach, observed:

She has quietly made significant gains in both her technique and fitness. She is the kid that shows up, puts in the work, and always has a positive attitude. Chloe doesn’t really draw much attention to herself, but really adds to the dynamic of the team and sets a great example of how hard work pays off. She is quietly motivated, she has great internal motivation and knows herself well. Chloe brings a great attitude and, as with every kid, we know she has days that are easier and days that are harder, yet is a constant positive presence and is constantly driving to make gains in her skiing and reach her goals.

Hunter Diehl

FREESTYLE: Hunter Diehl has been chosen this week, for his commitment in the past few weeks (he’s had near perfect Air Barn attendance). Hunter is a tenth grader at Community School. Said John Grigsby, Freestyle Head Coach, “Hunter’s focus and commitment has really shown through and has really paid off, as is evident with his improved results. On top of that, Hunter doesn’t shy away from lending a hand; he’s been a great helper with course maintenance.”
Jack Verhaeghe, photo by Cory Smith

PARK & PIPE: Jack Verhaeghe, a sixth grader at Community School, has been described as hard-working, fired up, focused. Pat Lee, Snowboard Team Manager, has observed how Jack’s stoke and passion make waves on the team:
“​Jack is a hard-working snowboarder, he is always fired up when he shows up for team. he has been focusing on half pipe and slopestyle. He excels in just about every field of competition, even slalom and giant slalom; he likes to go for the all-around competitor experience. Jack has a strong passion for competition and it shows every time he crosses the finish line, always giving it 100%. He is an awesome teammate, always keeping the stoke high, slapping high fives and giving props to the rest of the crew. We have only had a halfpipe for a one and a half weeks and I have watched him progress every time we strap in. I am fired up on his performance this week as he has proved himself to be a well-rounded athlete.”



Big Mountain West Series

The Big Mountain West Series features five stops throughout the winter, which lead up to Nationals. Last weekend was the third stop and was based here in Sun Valley at Dollar. It was a well-attended event, with four boardercross competitions, as well as slopestyle and halfpipe. According to Andy Gilbert, SVSEF Snowboard Coach who is no stranger to staging events here, having orchestrated a number himself over the years, commented that, “the word is out that we have some of the best venues in the country as far as park and pipe goes. We had a group from Mt. Bachelor show up this year and riders from Montana, so we’ve had a pretty good showing. USASA kids who are trying to qualify for Nationals are putting us on their calendars, because we have great venues and put on very professional events.” With amazing parent volunteers and event organizers, the standard has been set for a level of professionalism that’s expected at this event.
Standout performances in snowboarding for the weekend came from Jack Verhaeghe, who rode really well in the pipe; he was first in the halfpipe for the boys’ 10-11 age division. Jack competed in all four events, and did well throughout; he podiumed in boardercross (first, two seconds and third) and was second in slopestyle. Maddie Hothem also had a great weekend with great results (second in 12-13 age class for halfpipe, second in boardercross #4). According to Gilbert, “she’s a young rider who is starting to figure out her game plan and how she wants to do things. She’s getting more confident all the time and riding really well.” Channing Curci saw good results (third in boardercross #4, third in slopestyle and third in halfpipe for 12-13 age group), as did Walker Pate (fourth male in 10-11 age group in halfpipe) and Tague Higgins (seventh in slopestyle for 12-13 aged boys). Zoe Bacca secured a win in the 12-13 girls group in all boardercross competitions.

Ridge Dirksmeier on course.

On the freeskiing side of things, Ridge Dirksmeier topped a field of 20 boys in the 12-13 age class in slopestyle. Joey Markthaler was fourth and Harper Mallett fifth. Will Griffith won the open class. In the halfipipe, Ridge Dirksmeier again won in the 12-13 age class, and teammates Harper Mallett, Dylan MIlls and Lachlan McFarland went fourth fifth and seventh. Tyler Conway, Head Freeskiign Coach, noted that, “as a team, we are gaining strength, and people are noticing that SVSEF is a Freeskiing powerhouse with lots of potential.”
SVSEF athletes represented well on their home turf, with an athlete stepping up onto nearly every podium for every age group throughout the weekend. Gilbert attributed the snowboard team’s comfort transitioning into the pipe to all the freeriding they’ve put in and all the miles under their feet with all the snow we’ve had; “for us to be able to put a halfpipe in front of them at this point is less daunting due to how much riding they’ve done leading up to it.” Gilbert also offered praise to the SVSEF coaching staff, who have worked hard to recognize where an athlete might need some work, and to tailor training based not necessarily on age but on how and where they’ll best be able to improve on that particular skill that could use more attention. As a result, the ages are intermixing, and teammates are building friendships and relationships regardless of their differences in years. This camaraderie is not bound to training; you’ll see an eight year old cheering on his thirteen year old as she makes her way down the course, and vice versa.
On top of the awards for specific event results, SVSEF presented the Beverly Hay Snowboard Cup for combined freestyle performances (halfpipe and slopestyle). The award is named for Beverly (Hay) De Chevrieux, who has been a huge, integral Snowboard Team supporter since day one. As a SVSEF board member, she was instrumental in ushering in the formation of the team, and continues to this day to champion the program and the kids who participate.
The trophy lives at the SVSEF Warm Springs office, and past recipients include Olympian Graham Watanabe and Olympic Champion Kaitlyn Farrington. This year’s winners were Malia Quigley (Park City), who was first in slopestyle (65.25) and first in halfpipe (81.25), and Hunter Goulet (Park City), who also won both slopestyle (90.00) and halfpipe (83.00).
Full results here
The next venue is Jackson Hole for the Big Mountain West Series, which the team is looking forward to visiting. The features are smaller, allowing athletes to throw tricks they might not be able to here.


IMD Team

The Alpine IMD Team traveled to Snowbasin over the weekend for their second qualifying event, which featured a training run and three super G races. Marit Kaiser had a solid showing throughout, with three top-ten finishes (eighth, second and fourth). Jett Carruth had a breakthrough weekend, earning his first hardware with a fifth place in the men’s first race. He was the top male SVSEF finisher in that race. He followed that up with a 14th and 12th, and was the team’s third fastest boy. Other notable finishes came from Jessica Blackburn, who was seventh and fourth in the first two races, Logan Lindstrom, who finished 11th in the first race, and Anhwei Kirk, who finished 10th in the second women’s race. Not far behind Jett in the first men’s race were Nathan Gowe in 10th, Colin Hanna in 14th, and Joe Goitiandia in 15th. Ryder Sarchett was fifth in the second and second in the third men’s races. Nathan Gowe was a rock, finishing in 10th all three races.
James Tautkus, IMD Head Coach, noted that “the remainder of the 37 SVSEF athletes competing showed their strength with solid intensity and finishes. For many it was their first super g race experience. The coaches are very proud of the results, however choose to hang their hats on the technical and tactical gains from the mid season speed block. There is a lot of competition season left, with great experience and effort to help them all excel further.”
Full results here

North Series Team

IMD girls at Brundage.

The North Series Team traveled to McCall, Idaho, where they battled wind, rain and snow throughout the weekend. The event included two U10/U12 slalom races. Head coach Scott McGrew was pleased with the effort made by the team, saying, “Slalom can be a tough at times because of all the moving parts and the heightened potential for mistakes and DQ’s. That being said, we were proud of the way everyone carried themselves and brought out a new level of skiing. The collective progress we have made in the past two weeks has been staggering!”
In the first slalom event, Maya Lightner and Paige DeHart went one and two for U12 girls; teammates Laura Daves and Lowie Watkins went four and five. Reece Walther-Porino and Natalie Gowe made big gains, each moving up a significant number of spots. Max Meucci, Tor Johnston and Hank Moss did the same in the men’s race, moving up from rankings in the 60’s to third, 10th and 14th, respectively.
In the second race, Maya and Paige again went one and two, this time with Paige on top of the podium in first. SVSEF girls dominated the race, taking nine out of the top ten spots. Goldie Kirk was fourth, Chloe Vogel fifth, Lowie Watkins sixth, Reece Walther-Porino seventh, Charlotte Davis-Jeffers eighth, Isabella Hattrup ninth and Laura Daves tenth. Cole Curci was second for men, and Max Meucci stayed steady for the weekend, landing in eighth. In the U10 division, Scarlet Carruth skied a strong race, finishing third.
Full results here

FIS Team

Spencer Wright in second and Duncan Fuller in third earlier in the week at Schweitzer.

The FIS Team finished up a week of racing at Schweitzer Mountain in northern Idaho with giant slalom and super G races. Yuri McClure finished second in the men’s giant slalom on February 1, John Blackburn was fourth and Spencer Wright 10th. The women raced a super G the same day. Erin Smith skied a great race, taking the win for the day. Teammate Skylar Cooley was fourth and Katelyn Rathfon 10th. In the men’s giant slalom the next day, Spencer Wright and Duncan Fuller finished 14th and 17th. The women had another super G race, and Erin just missed first again, coming in second. Skylar was again fourth, and Katelyn was eighth.
Full results here
Earlier recap here
Haley Cutler headed to Colorado for the NorAm series. At Vail, she was 42nd in the first slalom and 45th in the second, February 1-2, in a very competitive field with top U.S. athletes, as well as Canadian and European skiers. At Copper, she finished 38th in the February 3 giant slalom, 31st in the giant slalom the next day, 14th in the first downhill and ninth in the second. Erin Smith headed down to join her after Schweitzer, and was 45th in the giant slalom, 25th in the first downhill and 26th in the second.
Results from Vail
Results from Copper


Mary Rose in third (photo by Nils Ribi).

SVSEF took part in the Sun Valley Nordic Festival, which included Town Sprints and the Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour.
A 400-meter course was set up in west Ketchum, around which teams of two competed in A, B, youth and exhibition categories. The husband-and-wife team of Brian and Caitlin Gregg won the overall competition by a hair, beating out the local duo of Gold Team skiers Mary Rose and Cole Morgan. The sprints were a nice showcase and a good way to kick off the Nordic Festival. The real deal for SVSEF athletes was the Boulder Mountain Tour, the 34km race from Galena Lodge all the way down the Harriman, which was met with fresh snow and extremely varied conditions, and boasted what some have claimed to be some of the toughest conditions yet in the 42-year history of the race. SVSEF Comp and Prep Team athletes who have their sights set on the last JNQ event next weekend in West Yellowstone opted to not participate in the Boulder. Top finishes at the Boulder came from Gold Team skiers Rogan Brown, who was fourth overall in the field of 631, and Mary Rose, who was third in the women’s category. Deedra Irwin was fourth for women and teammate Annie Pokorny was sixth. In the Half Boulder, Prep Team skier Crosby Boe finished eighth overall in the field of 200, and fourth for women. Teammate Quinn Closser was ninth overall and the fifth female finisher.
BMT results here
Half BMT results here
The last cross country JNQ event takes place this coming weekend in West Yellowstone, with freestyle sprints on Saturday and a 5k/10k mass start classic race on Sunday.


Freestyle Travel Teams head to Deer Valley this Thursday for the Deer Valley Mogul Grand Prix.