Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Skiers Unite for Devo XC Festival

One thing we love about our Cross Country teams is the tradition that shines through in all they do, all season long! This past weekend’s XC Devo Festival is yet another example of how celebrating the pure joy that the sport’s culture elicits, is simply the magic sauce on top. Go team!

“Saturday’s XC Devo Festival 2022 was a smashing success with almost 200 skiers, parents, and friends celebrating the end of the season at Lake Creek. Paddy’s Famous Obstacle Course was a huge hit and our mass start races were flanked by celebrity SVSEF XC Prep Team appearances. To top off the season in epic tradition, our famous ‘Anything Goes Race,’ where skiers, parents, unicorns, and dinosaurs all tangle together for a lap of the racecourse—celebrated the real reason we are all out there together! Thank you, coaches, families, and skiers for another unforgettable season!”

—Martha Pendl, SVSEF XC Devo North Head Coach

  Martha Pendl and Axel O’Donnell / Photo: Sara Gilman
Piper Renner / Photo: Emily Williams