Ten SVSEF Cross Country Team Athletes Named to IMD Junior National Team

SVSEF’s U18 women are force to be reckoned with in Bozeman

The SVSEF Cross Country Comp Team and members of the Prep Team traveled to Bozeman, MT this weekend to compete in the final Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) event of the season. By Sunday afternoon, 10 SVSEF athletes had been named to the Intermountain Division (IMD) Junior National Team and will compete at the 2023 USSA Cross Country Ski Junior National Championships in Fairbanks, AK, March 13-16.

“It was a huge weekend at the final JNQ in Bozeman,” said SVSEF Cross Country Comp Team Head Coach, Ashley Knox. “We were treated to near perfect racing conditions and our athletes threw down some standout performances including a clutch weekend for Dexter Morrison to lock in his Junior Nationals spot. It is always so exciting to see the final races and how things shake out—this was a great weekend for us.”

Leading the charge were the SVSEF U18 women. In the classic sprint, they took seven of the top 10 places; and captured six of the top 10 places in the skate mass start. Berkeley Canfield led SVSEF’s dominant U18 squad to a third place in the classic sprint, with seven teammates finishing in the top 10, and Gina Greenburg captured first place in the U20 freestyle sprint.

“It was a fun and competitive weekend of racing,” said JodieWillow Maguire. “I’m truly grateful for the support of the coaches and team as we head to Junior Nationals!”

For the men, Dexter Morrison raced to a top 10 in a hugely competitive U18/U20 skate mass start, with post-grad Miguel Fresco taking third place overall. SVSEF Cross Country Prep Team skier Tait Boschen won the boys U14 skate mass start race. Galen Grohusky and Dexter Morrison were superb in the freestyle sprint, both competing in the “A” final, finishing a strong fifth and sixth respectively, which awarded them second and third on the U18 podium.

The IMD Junior National Team was named after the final JNQ race in Bozeman on Feb. 19. 

U18/20 Women

Berkeley Canfield
JodieWillow Maguire
Cora Faye Scott
Molly Maybach
Anika Vandenburgh
Eloise Herbert
Aisley Grohusky

U18/20 Men

Miguel Fresco Hanlon
Dexter Morrison

U16 Women

Mazzy Conners

SVSEF Athlete Results / Bozeman JNQ

Saturday, February 18
Classic Sprint

U16 Women

25. Mazzy Conners
30. Riley Siegel
35. Amelia Pfau
39. Scout Kendall
41. Anna Gilman
43. Torin Vandenburgh

U18/20 Women

3. JodieWillow Maguire
4. Berkeley Canfield
6. Molly Maybach
7. Eloise Herbert
8. Anika Vandenburgh
9. Cora Faye Scott
10. Aisley Grohusky
20. Emma Singer
21. Gina Greenburg
24. Elise Voorhees
25. Josie Gilman
27. Lucy Carter

U16 Men

12. Charlie St. George
13. Stratton Cunningham
16. Zach Quesnel
25. McCallen Campbell
36. Cyrus Pott
37. Caleo Morrison
41. Luca Finegan

U18/20 Men

5. Galen Grohusky
6. Dexter Morrison
12. Miguel Fresco Hanlon
18. Holden Archie
22. Teddy Hobbs
42. Dave Walters
44. Dyan Prabowo
52. Whit Brown

Sprint Qualifier
U12/14 Women

21. Stella St. George
31. Vivian Cunningham

Sprint Qualifier
U12/14 Men

7. Tait Boschen
20. Bailey Kurtz
34. Cameron Gilman
46. Angus Ramsay

For complete Classic Sprint event results, visit https://my.raceresult.com/233300/ 

Sunday, February 19
Freestyle Mass Start

U18/20 Men – 10km Freestyle

3. Miguel Fresco Hanlon
8. Dexter Morrison
20. Teddy Hobbs
21. Holden Archie
30. Galen Grohusky
40. Dylan Prabowo
41. Whit Brown
49. Dave Walters

U18/20 Women – 10km Freestyle

4. JodieWillow Maguire
5. Cora Faye Scott
6. Molly Maybach
7. Berkeley Canfield
8. Eloise Hebert
14. Annika Vandenburgh
15. Aisley Grohusky
18. Emma Singer
22. Elise Voorhees

U16 Men – 5km Freestyle

16. Zach Quesnel
22. Stratton Cunningham
23. Charlie St. George
28. Cyrus Pott
31. Caleo Morrison
39. Luca Finegan

U16 Women – 5km Freestyle

32. Riley Siegel
34. Amelia Pfau
35. Scout Kendall
44. Torin Vandenburgh

U14 Men – 3.5km Freestyle

1. Tait Boschen
25. Bailey Kurtz
37. Angus Ramsay

U14 Women – 3.5km Freestyle

14. Stella St. George
24. Vivian Cunningham

U12 Men – 3.5km Freestyle

9. Cameron Gilman

For complete Freestyle Mass Start event results, please visit https://my.raceresult.com/233302/ 

For a full list of qualifiers please refer to the IMD website here (click on 2023 Final JN’s Points Ranking): https://www.intermountainxc.com/jn-rankings 

Featured photo by Tory Canfield