Team-Specific Air Barn Training Starts Today

airbag 1Team-specific training begins this week at the Air Barn for Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation athletes.
SVSEF Program Director Andy Ware, who heads the freestyle/freeski and snowboard divisions, sent the following correspondence to his athletes.

“Just a reminder that after school Air Barn training begins this week.  The schedule is on the SVSEF website calendar, click here;

I know many athletes are playing other fall sports and that is great. Come join us once your season is wrapped up or if you have a day off and want to come bounce or ramp.

Sessions are $25 per session and I bill your SVSEF account weekly. After-school sessions are now team-specific so check the calendar to see when your team is training.

Please make sure you have renewed your USSA license and completed the SVSEF online registration prior to coming to the Air Barn, which is located at 100 Arrowleaf Road at Community School’s Sagewillow Farm.

The new air bag is open and winch is on its way. Athletes can bring skis or snowboards now to get the feel of riding the ramp and we have a rail set up for athletes to try too. I currently do not have any inventory of extra skis or snowboards so athletes must bring their own gear.” 

For details or additional questions, contact Ware at