SVSEF’s Holden Archie Tackles Standhope Ultra 60K

On Saturday, July 28, runners gathered to race, suffer, and battle the Standhope Ultra 60K. A race that requires a unique level of pain and endurance to complete. The Standhope Ultra Challenge is Idaho’s highest-elevation trail race. Holden Archie, a recent SVSEF XC Comp Team graduate, battled his way through the 60K race and conquered his time goal to come in under 10 hours.

The course starts at the Park Creek Campground and travels through Kane Lake Trailhead, Fall Creek, and Surprise Valley. Through the highest elevations of the Pioneer Mountains, these runners get to suffer through this race complete with incredible and unbeatable high peaks views. The course has roughly 10,000 vertical elevation gain and 10,000 vertical loss.

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said Holden Archie. “The main sensation during the last 30 miles was pain. I never knew one’s legs could hurt this much.”

Archie’s total distance was 39.56 miles, his elevation gain was 10,194 feet, and his elapsed time was 9 hours and 54 minutes.

“I’m very proud of finishing sub 10 hours,” said Archie. “That finish sprint was the final straw, I couldn’t walk after. I ran more than twice as long as I slept.”

Hats off to you, Holden! This is an incredibly impressive accomplishment.

Distance: 39.56 miles
Elevation: 10,194 feet
Elapsed Time: 9:54:56