SVSEF XC Comp Team Claims Five Podiums at Western Club Championships

Members of the SVSEF Cross Country Comp Team traveled to the Western Club Championships in Truckee, CA for the last race series of the season. It was a relaxed and fun atmosphere, promoting racing of all ages.

Day one saw sunshine and warm temperatures, a classic California winter day and one that they haven’t seen much of this winter. The snowfall was beyond what we have ever seen—25 feet and more in the forecast. From the Auburn Ski Club building where you can sit inside and watch the races, all you could see was a 20-foot wall of snow with steps chiseled into the snowpack to get into the building.

The first race, a 5km skiathlon, consisted of one lap of classic skiing, and one lap of freestyle skiing, with a change of gear in between. The team set up their “ski exchanges” in the designated area and off they went. In the U18 boys’ race, Galen Grohusky skied his way onto the podium in third place, followed closely by Dave Walters and Holden Archie in fifth and seventh. Zach Quesnel took third in the U16 race with teammate Winton Gallegos finishing seventh. Emma Singer joined her teammates on the third place podium in the girls U18 race. Mia Schaffner and Lucy Carter were close behind in fourth and fifth.

“It was great to have the opportunity to race one more time and the Western Club Championships was just the series we needed,” said Becky Woods, SVSEF Cross Country Program Director. “The atmosphere was great, everyone was excited to be in California racing. It was the perfect way to wrap up the season.”

Sunday brought a day of familiar wintery weather (at least three more inches) with a 7.5km freestyle mass start race on deck for the U18 boys and girls, and a 5km for the U16’s. In the girl’s U18 race, Emma Singer again found the podium, finishing third, followed by Mia Schaffner in fifth. In the U18 boys’ race, Teddy Hobbs skied his way on to the podium, finishing third. Teammates Galen Grohusky, and Holden Archie were close behind in fourth and eighth respectfully. In the U16 boys race Zach Quesnel skied to a seventh place finish with Winston close behind in ninth.

The weekend marked the closure of the race season for the SVSEF XC Comp Team.


Boys – Day 1 – U18/16 (3/18/23)
3 – Galen Grohusky
5 – Dave Walters
7 – Holden Archie
11 – Zach Quesnel
18 – Winston Gallegos

Girls – Day 1 – U18 (3/18/23)
6 – Emma Singer
11 – Mia Schaffner
13 – Lucy Carter

Girls – Day 2 – U18 (3/19/23)
3 – Emma Singer
5 – Mia Schaffner

Boys – Day 2 – U18 (3/19/23)
3 – Teddy Hobbs
4 – Galen Grohusky
8 – Holden Archie
10 – Dave Walters

Boys – Day 2 – U16 (3/19/23)
7 – Zach Quesnel
9 – Winston Gallegos