SVSEF Snowboard Team’s First Trip of the Season

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard team made its first trip of the season to Woodward (WW) in Park City, UT to compete in the USASA Big Mountain West Slopestyle events Jan 25-26. 

The Park Crew at WW provided a great course with two three-feature rail lines into a set of three jumps. 

“Naomi Gorringe put together some great runs on the first day that featured her switch riding as well as her amplitude,” said SVSEF Snowboard Head Coach, Andy Gilbert. “Her best run featured boardslide, 50/50, boardslide 180 out, half-cab, nose grab, and a big frontside-180, which led to her win in the Breaker Girls 13-14 group the first day.”

“Karsen Miller got progressively better as the event went on, landing back to back 360’s and adding a 540 to his contest run which landed him in third on day one in the Youth Men 15-16 group,” said Gilbert.

“Up and comer Rylan Olson kept pushing for more landings, almost corked out 360’s before taking them to 540 before the end of the weekend. Rylan finished 4th both days in what might be the most competitive, Menehune Boys 11-12 group,” said Gilbert.

“It was Henry Georgiades first trip with the team and mixed up a really technical top section with clean straight airs to end up 11th and 12th respectively through the weekend,” said Gilbert.

The team also brought a training group along who could take in the events and also work towards some goals in Woodward’s amazing park set up.

The SVSEF Snowboard team’s next competition is coming up in a week. SVSEF will host the Big Mt. West USASA Dollar Mt./ Beverly Hay Snowboard Cup at Dollar from Feb 9-12.

SVSEF Athlete Results:

Day 1 Jan. 25

  • Naomi Gorringe 1st Breaker Girls 13-14
  • Karsen Miller 3rd Youth Men 15-16
  • Rylan Olson 4th Menehune Boys 11-12
  • Henry Georgiades 11th Breaker Boys 13-14

Day 2 Jan. 26

  • Naomi Gorringe 2nd Breaker Girls 13-14
  • Karsen Miller 4th Youth Men 15-16
  • Rylan Olson 4th Menehune Boys 11-12
  • Henry Georgiades 12th Breaker Boys 13-14

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Up next for the SVSEF Snowboard Team:

Big Mountain West USASA Dollar Mountain / Beverly Hay Snowboard Cup

  • Thursday, February 9 Boardercross #1/#2
  • Friday, February 10 Boardercross #3/#4
  • Saturday, February 11 — Slopestyle
  • Sunday, February 12 Slopestyle