SVSEF Cross Country Teams Compete in First of Three Junior National Qualifiers

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Cross Country Comp and Prep Progression Teams traveled to Soldier Hollow, UT for their first Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) of the season. The Cross Country Comp team is all high school-aged athletes, and the Prep progression team is athletes ages 13 – 15.

Athletes traveled from all over the country to compete at this JNQ. SVSEF had 43 racers competing, ranging from U12 to U20 age categories. The U18/20 girls dominated their field, with consistent results in the top 30 in each event. On the men’s side, SVSEF XC Comp Team athlete, Miguel Fresco Hanlon, sprinted his way into 3rd place in the U18/20 Sprint race on Jan. 20. “It was a solid weekend of racing for our team!” said Becky Woods, SVSEF XC Program Director.

“Soldier Hollow is a great venue and really well run, which made it easy for everyone to give their best effort whether it was their first race or not,” said Miguel Fresco Hanlon, SVSEF XC Comp Team Athlete. “It was also really great to see everyone’s growth since the Sun Valley Super Tour.”

The breadth of age range across the event provides strong competition for athletes at every level across the Intermountain Division as well as athletes from other regions.
“We had a great weekend in Soldier Hollow at the Super Qualifier,” said Ashley Knox, SVSEF XC Comp Team Head Coach. “We raced against skiers from five regions across the West: Rocky Mountain, High Plains, Far West, PNSA, and our division—Intermountain. “This was our first of three Junior National qualifying race weekends. Our skiers are looking to qualify for the regional team to represent Intermountain at Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, AK in March.”

Through the weekend, the team had a mix of highs and lows, but regardless of their personal results, they continued to support each other and stay focused. “We had Molly Maybach, Berkeley Canfield, and Cora Scott all finishing in the top 10 for U18/20 girls in the skate sprint; and Miguel Fresco Hanlon finished 3rd in the U18/20 guys in a tight finish along with a lot of personal bests,” said Knox. “We also had many of our younger athletes race their first JNQ ever and the future is bright!”

SVSEF XC Comp Team athlete, Charlie St. George, had a strong finish among U16 boys in the Skate Sprint event. When talking with teammate Zach Quesnel before the race he gave this advice…“It’s a sprint—all you have to do is start out as hard as you can and finish harder, it’s pretty simple.”

The Soldier Hollow Qualifier is one of three qualifiers throughout the season, where athletes compete in effort to qualify for Junior Nationals at the end of the season. The 2023 Junior Nationals will take place in Fairbanks, AK March 13-16.

“One of my favorite moments from the weekend was when our youngest skier, Cam Gilman, finished his 4km classic race to the cheers of a crowd of older SVSEF athletes,” said Kelly Yeates, XC Asst. Program Director and Prep Team Head Coach. “This is an individual sport but we are very much a TEAM! It didn’t matter if they were on the Comp or Prep team, our skiers went out of their way to support their teammates this weekend and it was inspiring!”

SVSEF Athlete Results: Super JNQ – Soldier Hollow

Friday 1/20/23 – Skate Sprint Results

U16 Girls
29 Mazzy Connors
78 Scout Kendall
84 Riley Siegel
92 Anna Gilman
95 Torin Vandenburgh

18/20 Girls
5 Molly Maybach
9 Berkeley Canfield
10 Cora Faye Scott
17 Anika Vandenburgh
18 Jodie Willow Maguire
30 Eloise Herbert
37 Aisley Grohusky
42 Gina Greenburg
62 Eden Keeney
64 Mia Schaffner
66 Elise Voorhees
70 Emma Singer
75 Lucy Carter

U16 Boys
23 Charlie St. George
30 Stratton Cunningham
47 Zach Quesnel
66 Nick Gardiner
70 McCallen Campbell
76 Cyrus Pott
83 Luca Finegan
86 Caleo Morrison

U18/20 Boys
3 Miguel Fresco Hanlon
12 Galen Grohusky
20 Dexter Morrison
30 Holden Archie
35 Teddy Hobbs
76 Dylan Prabowo
78 Dave Walters
104 Whit Brown

U14 Girls 1km Skate
14 Eavan Brown
34 Stella St. George

Novice 1km Skate
1 Joe Boccabella

U12 Boys 1km Skate
16 Cameron Gilman

U14 Boys 1km Skate
8 Tait Boschen
34 Bailey Kurtz
46 Duncan Fryberger
50 Callahan Hebert

Saturday 1/21/23 – Mass Start Classic

U12 Boys 4km Classic
15 Cam Gilman

U14 Boys 4km Classic
8 Tait Boschen
37 Bailey Kurtz
42 Duncan Fryberger
52 Callahan Hebert

U14 Girls 4km Classic
30 Stella St. George
34 Eavan Brown

Novice 4km Classic
1 Joe Boccabella

U16 Girls 5km Classic
28 Mazzy Conners
71 Riley Siegel
78 Scout Kendall
90 Anna Gilman
91 Torin Vandenburgh

U16 Boys 5km Classic
32 Zach Quesnel
42 Stratton Cunningham
44 McCallan Campbell
48 Charlie St. George
68 Nick Gardiner
76 Cyrus Pott
78 Caleo Morrison
95 Luca Finegan

U18/20 Boys 10km Classic
11 Miguel Fresco Hanlon
23 Teddy Hobbs
31 Dexter Morrison
33 Holden Archie
93 Whit Brown
97 Dylan Prabowo

U18/20 Girls 10km Classic
8 Berkely Canfield
17 Molly Maybach
19 Aisley Grohusky
20 Jodie Willow Maguire
24 Anika Vandenburgh
42 Emma Singer
47 Gina Greenburg
53 Elise Voorhees

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