SVSEF Board Profile: Wally Limburg

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The board of directors plays a vital role in SVSEF’s realization of its mission and goals. Get to know our board members; next up is Wally Limburg, a commercial real estate broker by profession. Wally learned about SVSEF on the hill – he ran into Brian Caulkins, whose enthusiasm for the program apparently rubbed off. Here, Wally shares a bit about himself and what he’s excited to work on with SVSEF.
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Wally with his son, Wyatt, and wife, Kathy.
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College/graduate programs: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing
Career background: Commercial Real Estate Broker specializing in shopping center landlord representation as well as retail tenant representation on a national basis.
1998-Present – Founding Partner with Strategic Retail Advisors (SRA), a retail commercial consulting and brokerage firm, Newport Beach, CA
Prior to that, Senior Vice President with CBRE, Newport Beach, CA
Career accomplishments:
Awarded CBRE’s Number One Retail Broker for Orange County for ten years.
Founding Member of X-Team, a national network of retail brokers with over offices across the country.
Married to his wife, Kathy, since 2005.
They have an eight-year old son, Wyatt.
Hobbies include skiing, fly fishing, camping, mountain biking, and golf to name a few.
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Where are you from?  Newport Beach, California.
Has skiing always been a big part of your life?  Not really, as I started skiing in my mid-twenties. Even though I was late to the sport, it has changed my life’s path.
How did you get involved with SVSEF?  In 2016, I met Brian Caulkins at Warm Springs Lodge and he introduced me to the LASAR program.  My son has been part of the LASAR program for the last two years and last year, he was fortunate to be a part of the Devo Team. This year he will be advancing to the Mini World Cup Team.
What do you tell people about the organization? That it’s not just about the skiing – the program helps teach mountain safety, teamwork, respect for others, all the while helping to lead a healthy & positive lifestyle.
What are you most excited to work on as a new member of the board? My goal is to be involved in helping develop a permanent training venue for the ski team, including assisting with the development of Rotarun Ski area.
What do you do for fun?  First and foremost, spending time with Kathy and Wyatt.  We love to travel, ski, fish, golf, etc.  That being said, I also like to fish for Trout and Steelhead in a lot of different places in the West as well as spending time in exotic locations where I like to salt-water fly fish.  About every other year, I go on a whitewater expedition, somewhere in the World with some lifelong friends.  Past locations have included Africa, India, China, South America, to name a few.
Thank you so much, Wally!
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