SVSEF Athletes Impress at the Annual Sean Nurse Memorial

Taylor Moe swept the podium in all four events at the Sean Nurse Memorial in Jackson Hole, an impressive start to Moe’s first season racing with the SVSEF U16 Alpine team

Several Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Alpine U16 athletes earned podium finishes at the annual Sean Nurse Memorial Race held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from Dec. 18-21.

SVSEF’s Taylor Moe placed first on both days (Dec. 18-19) in the giant slalom races for the women’s division. She also placed first in day two (Dec. 21) of the slalom race, after earning a second place finish in the same race the day before. Moe’s top finishes earned her first place overall for the race series.

The men’s division saw Ulrich Rossi, Huxley Flood and Tucker Reimund lead the way. Rossi placed first in the slalom day one race and second in the giant slalom day one race. Flood placed second in the giant slalom day two race and Reimund placed third in the slalom day two race.

“To see fast skiing already from this crew and the speed show from so many different athletes is rewarding to this group’s process,” said SVSEF Alpine Program Director Will Brandenburg. “The slow start to the season here in the valley and lack of snow really tested our programming philosophy. We don’t train as many days on snow as other clubs in the offseason, choosing to focus on holistic development and building the whole athlete. Can’t wait to watch this group continue through their journey this season.”

The team will compete again next year, when it heads to the Intermountain Cup U16 Qualifiers at Snowbird Resort in Utah from Jan. 4-6.

SVSEF Results:

Men’s GS 1

Ulrich Rossi (2nd)

Conway Selznick (13th)

Men’s GS 2

Huxley Flood (2nd)

Tucker Reimund (6th)

Conway Selznick (15th)

Women’s GS 1

Taylor Moe (1st)

Faith Enderle (13th)

Kennedy Kelly (14th)

Elliot Leahy (15th)

Alyssa Huntsman (20th)

Women’s GS 2

Taylor Moe (1st)

Faith Enderle (8th)

Kennedy Kelly (11th)

Men’s SL1

Ullrich Rossi (1st)

Huxley Flood (8th)

Men’s SL2

Tucker Reimund (3rd)

Conway Selznick (18th)

Women’s SL1

Taylor Moe (2nd)

Kennedy Kelly (10th)

Alyssa Huntsman (17th)

Women’s SL2

Taylor Moe (1st)

Faith Enderle (11th)

Elliot Leahy (13th)