SVSEF and Rotarun team up to present LASAR Program for area youth

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and Rotarun Ski Area are excited to announce they will join forces this winter to present the SVSEF LASAR Program for the youth of the Wood River Valley.
“The LASAR (Learn Alpine Skiing and Racing) program was launched nearly a decade ago by SVSEF veteran alpine coaches Adele and Pat Savaria. It was designed to provide an after-school program for kids who couldn’t ski due to financial constraints or the logistical challenges of getting kids to Baldy or Dollar. LASAR has had an incredible and positive impact over the years and affected hundreds of children along the way,” said Scott McGrew, SVSEF’s alpine program director.
For the coming 2015-16 winter, the SVSEF alpine program will deliver the LASAR program, providing a professional coaching staff, support, and content in line with the SVSEF Athlete Teaching System. Instruction for 6-11 year olds will take place every Wednesday and Friday after school, 3:30-5:50 p.m. at Art Richards Mountain (Rotarun) west of Hailey. It will begin in January and run for eight weeks through the end of February, covering 16 sessions of instruction. The cost for LASAR is $150, which includes a season pass for Rotarun.
Jesse Foster, president of Rotarun BOD remarked, “With the newly-formed partnership between Rotarun and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, the LASAR program is going to be even better than ever. Kids who attend school in the south valley are going to get outstanding and consistent coaching – all with the convenience and safety of skiing at Rotarun after school. Members of the LASAR program can translate these newfound skills and confidence to the slopes of Baldy.”
McGrew concurred, “I’m really excited to be partnering with Rotarun Mountain to help deliver this program to our community. Rotarun is an incredible teaching venue that provides the ideal classroom for introducing and refining fundamental skiing skills. Having a place for kids to go after school, and to be learning from our incredible devo team staff is a great opportunity. My hope is that kids will emerge from this program with a deeper love for the outdoors and the sport of alpine skiing.”
Iconic assets to the greater Wood River Valley, SVSEF and Rotarun are dedicated to engaging kids with the great outdoors and winter sports.
“In my mind, every kid who grows up in this valley should have the opportunity to cultivate a love of skiing. It is what this community is about and this program is designed to celebrate and inspire that vision,” McGrew said.
If you would like to sign your child up for the LASAR Program, please visit and click on “My Account.”
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