Snowboard Travel Team takes on USASA Regional Championships in Park City

SVSEF Snowboarding’s Travel Team Spent an incredible productive week in Park City to train and participate in the USASA Regional Championships as part of the Big Mountain West Series.

The team showed up for two days of training at the beginning of the week in the shiny new Woodward PC facility and it did not disappoint. The weather could not have been better and the features available are endless, big, small, creative rails, big air jumps and a halfpipe. The kids wasted no time stepping up their game. Working on new tricks, putting full runs together and in some cases taking their first halfpipe runs ever. The progression was fast and evident and the stoke level was set for the week!

The events would be held at Park City Resort which always provides the best of venues and again the weather was beautiful. Things kicked off with rail jam events on Tuesday the 16th. Riders were given three lines to work with of varying difficulty. The kids got to work putting together options and ideas into contest runs. Walker Woldstad stepped up to the harder features gapping to down on a big round tube, and really using all the course. Karen Miller in his first contest ever was focused on a big down tube and progressively went bigger and mixed things up as the contest moved on. The women came to play for sure. Olive Gilbert and Channing Curci showed smooth consistency all day with nice board slide on a flat box in front of the judges. Camille Fox also in her first contest ever charged hard with nose presses and an Indy off of a box which earned her a gold medal in her rookie debut!

Rail Jam Results:

Walker Woldstad 1st Men 15-22

Karsen Miller 5th Boys 11-14

Camille Fox 1st Women 15-22

Channing Curci Women 15-22

Olive Gilbert Women 15-22 

Wednesday was Halfpipe day with two events being held, and in true Sun Valley fashion the snowboarders showed up! A season spent training at home and riding long carvers on Baldy really showed in the pipe with SV kids riding a great line and heel edge all day! Karsen Miller who literally took his first pipe runs ever on Sunday may have found his “thing”! he had great straight airs, mixing grabs and generally riding solid all day. The ladies didn’t phone it in Olive Gilbert and Channing Curci who both are solid pipe riders finally got a chance to show it! Confident runs, mixing grabs and a couple spinning combos made them stand out on the day. Sun Valley’s Halfpipe heritage seems intact and hopefully a sign of more to come.

Halfpipe Results 1&2:

Walker Woldstad 1st/ 1st Open Class Men

Karsen Miller 2nd/2nd Breaker Boys 13-14

Olive Gilbert 1st/1st Youth Women 15-16

Channing Curci Women 1st /1st 17-18

Camille Fox 1st Women 2nd /2nd 17-18

Olive Gilbert                                               

 Channing Curci

After a great day off training at Woodward PC and getting to meet some of their hero’s including Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg. The kids got to take to a great PC slopestyle course. The course was longer than most with 4 rail options and 4 good sized jump that really gave the kids a chance to push their limits. Walker Woldstad took to the big line with nice methods and a unique upper section rail line. Camille Fox Building on her Rail jam win looked confident on the rail section and stepped up to a bigger than usual jump line for her. Karsen Miller showed some flashes of things to come with good style and trick selection. Olive Gilbert added a “Stalefish” grab to her trick options, Channing Curci threw some great Methods and both riders flowed well from feature to feature and also used the big jump line.

Slopestyle results 1&2:

Walker Woldstad 1st/ 1st Open Class Men

Karsen Miller 3rd/ 2nd Breaker Boys 13-14

Olive Gilbert 1st/ 1st Youth Women 15-16

Channing Curci Women 1st/ 1st 17-18

Camille Fox 1st Women 2nd/ 2nd 17-18


After a long year and a great season focused on just improving at home and really trying to be better riders and coming together as a team. This group stepped up seamlessly and showed that the hard work is paying off. There will be much more to come from this talented gang of riders!