Season of Growth and Team Building for SVSEF Snowboarding

From Development to National Competition, Team Looks Strong into the Future

The SVSEF Snowboarding Program had the team’s biggest roster in years with 35-plus riders taking part in programs that utilize Sun Valley’s terrain on Baldy and Dollar Mountains, and 50 riders taking part in the Rota-Rippers programs at Rotarun in Hailey. It was a transformative year with veteran and returning coaches creating a real sense of stability and leadership, and new young coaches bringing an energetic and exciting perspective to things.

“In such an individual sport, this group really worked as a team supporting each other along the way,” said Andy Gilbert, SVSEF Snowboarding Program Director and Head Coach. “The kids did the heavy lifting to create the tone and team community they want, and it showed. This was a great season of progression and bonding for this group!”

The Baldy Development Team pushed 20 riders this season and the staff focused on creating savvy, well-rounded riders ready for new challenges, terrain, and events as the season built. Building a sense of community and team was at the core of everything for this group. The kids were up for the challenge and all wrapped the season riding at a new level. At the season-end banquet, Coaches Recognitions went out to Felix Potts for his outstanding attitude, Clive Freytag for his Bell to Bell Passion for Snowboarding, and Scout Bilbro and Jack-Henry Kelso for Outstanding Rookies.

Snowboard Mini Shred (SVSEF’s middle school program) saw 17 kids pushing themselves and each other every day. For many, this is where local and regional events become part of their focus. For those with a season or two under their belts, it’s where skills are honed and they help show their new teammates what is possible. Along the way, many of these riders qualified for bigger events they’ll take part in in the future such as USASA Nationals. Two riders made the trip this year with Nico Lerner taking home a bronze medal in Boardercross (BX) and Naomi Gorringe grabbing two top ten finishes—8th in BX and 7th in Halfpipe. Snowboard Mini Shred rider, Callie Allen, was recognized at the year-end BBQ for her hard work and dedication to her riding.

“Next season promises to continue to build on the progress made,” Gilbert continued. “These kids and coaches prove that you get out what you put in! It’s been a great year of setting the bar for everyone.”