Pastry Cup Trains Young Racers for Competition on the Road

Home hill Pastry Cups serve as perfect training for upcoming races on the road

On Sunday Jan. 14, the SVSEF Alpine U12 Travel Team held their first of four Pastry Cups for the season, which featured a giant slalom race on Warm Springs at Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain. Thirty-nine athletes brought their skills and technique honed in training so far this season to test themselves in the gates as they gear up for an away race at Grand Targhee Jan. 20-21.

“What a perfect sunny day for a ski race!” said Adele Savaria, coach for the SVSEF Alpine U12 Travel Team. “The athletes showed that hard work and perseverance pays off. They did a great job out there today and are ready for the IMD North Series GS races in Targhee next week.”

The U12 Travel Team hosts four Pastry Cups during the season, each presenting a unique opportunity for the athletes to grow their racing skills. 

Pastry Cup #2 is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 28 as a Kombi. Kombi races are a true test of learning to adapt to changing environments within one course, because they provide a mix of Giant Slalom (GS), Panel Slalom (SL), Regular Slalom (SL) and stubbies all in one course.

Rotarun will host Pastry Cup #3 on Sunday, Feb. 18, which will be focused on slalom; and Pastry Cup #4 presents the athletes with a skills competition on Sunday, March 3 (venue TBD).

Pastry Cup #1 Top Three Results


  • 1st Jennings Fraser
  • 2nd Bria Smiley
  • 3rd Ainsley Roth


  • 1st Charlie Spengler
  • 2nd Theron Andra
  • 3rd Alex Grant