Pastry Cup Kombi Preps Athletes for Upcoming U12 IMD Champs

With the U12 IMD Championships quickly approaching, the SVSEF Alpine North Series Team held their 2-Run Pastry Cup Kombi race on Sunday. Kombi races are designed to teach the athletes how to manage rhythm and speed changes within a course. This weekend, the “funnel-shaped” course took the athletes from moguls to shorter “stubby” gates, into bigger giant slalom turns, then panel slalom, and finally regular slalom gates to the finish. Athletes were required to finish both runs to qualify for awards.

“It was a tough and long Kombi race out there on Sunday!” said Adele Savaria, SVSEF North Series Head Coach. “The athletes all showed true grit and persevered with their best efforts; and for the athletes racing in the upcoming IMD Championships, this gave them a good idea of what the Kombi will be like.”

Results from Pastry Cup #4 (Kombi) – Sunday, Mar. 6, 2022
1st – Sasha Preuss
2nd – Bianca Smith
3rd – Lucy Stevenson

1st – Wyatt Limburg
2nd – Henry Questad
3rd – Kai Sammis

The U12 IMD Championships will take place Mar. 18-21 at Sun Valley. The event will include a 2-run giant slalom, 1-run Kombi, 2-run slalom, and 1-run panel slalom for all racers. Men and women will each compete over two days during the championship event.