Coach Rick Millett joins SVSEF's snowboard program

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation is pleased to welcome Rick Millett to the snowboard program as the new head coach for the Travel Team. Rick takes over for Nate Farrell who recently resigned to attend grad school at the University of Portland.

“Although I am going to miss Nate, I cannot fault a guy for wanting to further his education,” Snowboard Program Director Andy Ware said. “I am really excited that our organization was able to bring in Rick Millett as the new head coach. Rick has a lot of competitive experience – both as a competitor and a coach. His enthusiasm for snowboarding is a 10 and he has the technical skills to back it up.”

Millett remarked, “I am wicked excited to have this opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with these athletes/riders. My successful competitive background helped make me a stand out coach. My first time arriving to Sun Valley, it was obvious to me that Baldy Mountain and Dollar Mountain are amazing training grounds for these riders to progress.”


For the past decade, Millett has been the head coach of the snowboard program and park director for the Mt. Hood Summer ski and snowboard camps. He added,

“I am excited and honored to be a part of the SVSEF Snowboard Program. This very reputable program allows athletes to pursue a future or career in professional competitive snowboarding. I am looking forward to meeting all the athletes, parents, and staff, when I arrive in Idaho. I am stoked for our winter season. Let it snow!” 

To see Rick Millett in action at Mt. Hood, HERE