Coach Nate Schwing and Volunteer Heather Flood Daves Receive Intermountain ACC Recognition

Something that stands out about the SVSEF community is the passion and dedication; from the athletes to everyone who comprises the vast network of support behind them, these qualities seem to come easily to many. These attributes did not go unnoticed at the close of the 2016-2017 season, when the Intermountain Division Alpine Competition Committee named SVSEF Men’s FIS Head Coach Nate Schwing as “Coach of the Year,” and longtime volunteer Heather Flood Daves as “Volunteer of the Year.”

Nate Schwing

Nate Schwing has been an alpine coach in the Wood River Valley for 12 years. He began with the Hailey Ski Team for two seasons before jumping into the position in which he finds himself today, as the men’s FIS team head coach. Nate’s knowledge of the sport, professionalism surrounding his role as coach and mentor and commitment to his athletes have stood out consistently throughout his time with SVSEF. Program Director Scott McGrew commended the coach on his recent recognition, saying, “this is an amazing honor for Nate and the contribution he has made to the club, to the athletes, and the Intermountain division over his career; I’m super proud of Nate.”
Heather Flood Daves

Like Nate, Heather Flood Daves has been involved with SVSEF for a long time. She grew up in Sun Valley and skied with SVSEF, and has since returned to the organization as both a parent and a volunteer. Her commitment to the cause runs deep, and is reflected in the positive attitude and poise she brings each time she lends her time and talent. Remarked McGrew, “this is a testimony to her countless hours dedicated to helping the SVSEF run and present amazing events and experiences for the athletes and families of the division.”
SVSEF is humbled to be able to call two such standout individuals integral to this organization, and sends a congratulations to both on a job well done for both SVSEF and the Intermountain division at large.