Chase Josey on His Way to Beijing for Second Olympic Games

U.S. Ski & Snowboard officially announced Friday that Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Alumnus and Hailey, Idaho local, Chase Josey, has been nominated to the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team to represent Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. Josey’s road to now his second Olympic Games goes back to his time as a member of the SVSEF Snowboarding team working with coach, Andy Gilbert.

SVSEF Snowboarding Program Director, Andy Gilbert, started working with nine-year-old Josey in 2005. In Josey’s junior and senior year of high school (2012-13) and the following year, Gilbert supported Josey on the road as he qualified for bigger events across the globe. As a halfpipe coach working with Team USA in 2018, Gilbert was there when Josey clinched his first Olympic spot at Mammoth in the last qualifying event.

“I really can’t think of a more deserving Olympian than Chase Josey,” said Gilbert. “His work ethic, humility, creativity, and determination are all things we should be proud of—these are the things on the snow that we admire,” Gilbert continued. “Off the snow, he’s an even better human—humble, thoughtful and grateful—always generous with his time around the younger riders, and I’m confident he’ll be giving back to snowboarding well beyond his competition days.”

Gilbert emphasized that being a kid that doesn’t come from one of snowboarding’s traditional hotbeds has allowed Chase to let his snowboarding to do the talking. He’s been able to somewhat quietly become one of the halfpipe elite, but that doesn’t define who he is as a snowboarder. He simply loves snowboarding and that’s an intangible thing—you can’t fake it.

Chase Josey and Coach Andy Gilbert, 2012 Junior World Championships, Spain

“Throughout my younger years as a part of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, I was able to draw on the passion from everyone I was learning from and grow to truly love the sport,” said Chase Josey, two-time member of the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team and SVSEF Alum. “There was something special about the culture I was raised in within snowboarding—Andy taught me from the very beginning that it’s not all about winning—it’s about the people you meet, the memories you make, and the experiences you have along the way. I think that advice has always helped keep me tranquil and level-headed as I’ve been able to compete in the sport at this level,” Josey continued.

There were many collaborators from SVSEF as Josey matured as an athlete. Coaches and legends in our local snowboard world including Billy Olson, Jon French, AJ Grabos, Jacob “YAK” Tyler, Josh Keefer, Chatham Baker, and Ciam Parten. “So many should feel proud to have been a part of the path—we are all so stoked and proud of Chase and will be there riding right with him!” said Gilbert.

“Looking back on my years at SVSEF and my time on the snowboarding team, it’s so cool to have been able to work with and know so many coaches,” added Josey. “They all had a unique approach or a different angle I could draw from. Most athletes in this sport have one or two coaches and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and refine my style with the influence of so many.”

While Josey’s training and competition schedule with Team USA keeps him on the road much of the year, Gilbert remains in close touch with Josey as a friend and mentor.

Bill, Chase, and Kris Josey at 2021 Toyota Grand Prix, Copper Mtn.

“Chase’s family deserves a ton of credit,” added Gilbert. “Kris and Bill have always been supportive of both their sons in their sports. They always allowed the coaches to do their job, have a voice, and truly be collaborators in the journey.”

“We couldn’t be prouder of, or happier for Chase,” shared Kris and Bill Josey, Chase’s parents. “His accomplishments have come from his commitment to his sport of snowboarding. The dedication, hard work and passion he has put into it from the beginning, but especially over the past four years, is truly inspiring! And now it has earned him his second Olympic Halfpipe team nomination! WOW! We will be with him in spirit this time, but can’t wait to cheer him on! Dream big & GO USA!”