Athletes in the Big Mountain Travel Program are introduced to mountaineering concepts such as snow safety, backcountry travel and avalanche awareness, as well as Big Mountain competition strategy and execution for performance success.

Big Mountain Staff

Alden Carter, Co – Head Coach


Banks Gilberti,  Co -Head Coach


Lindsay Mann, Mountain Experience Director



Program: Big Mountain

Tuition: $4,900

Ages: 15-18.  Grades 9-12

Head coach(s): Alden Carter & Banks Gilberti

Big Mountain Assistant Coaches: TBA

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1

Fall Dryland: 9/8/20-11/20/20

Air Barn and Conditioning sessions three days a week.

On-Snow: 12/2/20-1/1/21

For the first month of on snow training, due to limited terrain options and snow conditions, the Big Mountain team will train Thursday – Saturday. During this month there will be the option to sign up for one or more training trips to other resorts such as Grand Targhee. These trips will take place over the weekend. (Training trips are subject to an additional fee).

On-Snow: 1/1/20-4/11/21

On-snow training four days a week (Wednesday – Saturday) with an option for Sunday training. Each week athletes will be asked to sign up in advance for Sunday training sessions so that it can be staffed accordingly. Sunday training sessions will continue to focus on creating versatile skiers/riders and skill development. Examples of Sunday training options may be: Air Barn, training session in preparation for upcoming competition, “mock” big mountain comp, backcountry touring day, etc. 

Select Air Barn and Strength training will be utilized, as well as, specific off-resort training opportunities. Off-resort sessions require third party guide services and are subject to an additional fee.


SVSEF’s Big Mountain Team is geared toward high level skiers and riders who have a desire to increase their versatility as skiers/riders and to train for and compete within the junior IFSA competition environment. Athletes will travel to compete at 3-6 IFSA qualifying events to earn points. The Big Mountain team coaches will support both regional and national events and athletes who qualify for higher levels of competition. Athletes will learn how to compete effectively and safely. Team members should have the desire to work hard in order to gain experience as Big Mountain Athletes. This team will focus on training based on the judged criteria for IFSA competitions, becoming more versatile skiers/riders and emphasizing the importance of developing mountain awareness skills.  


This team does not have an “Open Registration.” Athletes will be selected based on their history with SVSEF. 

Athletes new to the Big Mountain program must submit a ski/ride resume which includes: 

  • One page detailing ski/ride experience and competition history 
    • How long have you been skiing? Have you competed? If so, in what events?
    • Why are you excited about being a SVSEF Big Mountain athlete?  
  • Video of the athlete skiing/riding 
    • The goal of this video is to show your skiing/riding competency and skills. 

For athletes new to the Wood River Valley and SVSEF programming please expect a follow up (via email or phone) from the coaches to help ensure that this team is a good fit for the athlete applying. 

Any athlete interested in this program in 9th grade who will be 14 after December 31st, 2020, should contact the program coordinator (see contact information below) prior to registering for this team. 

Additionally, if any athletes have any questions about this program and if it would be a good fit for them and their family please contact Lindsay Mann . 

Resumes should be submitted to:  

Lindsay Mann                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             781-799-2920


Big Mountain team members will be required to own the following gear: 

  • Back Protector
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche Safety equipment: avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe
    • Avalanche transceiver: Modern 3 antenna beacon
    • Avalanche safety equipment will be required for all training sessions, both on Bald Mountain and for off-resort opportunities. Equipment use and education will be provided for general gear: backpack, avalanche transceiver, metal snow shovel and probe.  Big Mountain team members will be expected to own at least one pair of skis/snowboard suitable for IFSA competitions. Please contact the coaching staff or program coordinator regarding equipment recommendations. Equipment is an important aspect of the sport and coaches want to ensure that athletes are on the proper equipment. 


License Requirements: U.S. Ski & Snowboard general license, IFSA competitor’s license

SVSEF also requires that all athletes have taken an ImPact (Concussion) test prior to the start of on-snow training. 


SVSEF Big Mountain will support specific competitions with staff. Athletes who would like to pursue points and compete at an unsupported event must choose to do so on their own.

Supported Project tally:

2-3 Regional IFSA competitions ($500 deposit/trip).

2-3 National IFSA competitions ($700 deposit/trip).

Based on season results, athletes may compete at the IFSA North American Championships and/or World Junior Championships.