SVSEF’s developmental ski and snowboard program for Baldy-based teams.

Tuition: $1,400

Ages: 7-10

Head coach: Brian Caulkins


Enrollment limit: 75

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1


Fall Dryland: 11/3/20-11/19/20

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30pm-5pm

On-Snow: 12/5/20-3/28/21

Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am-2pm

Extra days over Holidays  

Requirements: US Ski & Snowboard general membership ($30)


Overview: SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is the developmental ski and snowboard program for SVSEF Baldy-based teams. Devo is for “Baldy-proof” kids, meaning athletes who can ski/ride top to bottom, off-piste & groomed, and who understand safety rules and mountain etiquette. We practice all-mountain basic skiing and riding, jump and park skills, bump skills and racing techniques with a strong FUNdamental emphasis. SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is designed to introduce and refine skills required to advance within SVSEF’s alpine, snowboard, freestyle and freeski programs. The SVSEF Baldy Devo program is staffed with experienced, professional coaches who teach age-appropriate skill progressions utilizing U.S. Ski & Snowboard program, in tandem with a host of internal SVSEF skill- and team-building philosophies. 

Snowboard athletes in the Baldy Devo program will be grouped along with fellow riders and staffed by experienced snowboard coaches trained to teach and advance snowboard skills.

Holiday camps (Christmas and spring break) are included as a part of the Devo team experience, and offer specific opportunities beyond regular weekend programming. Times and dates for holiday camps are based on creating safe and appropriate practice opportunities based on crowds, practice space, and conditions.