Team Overview

SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is the developmental ski program for SVSEF Baldy-based teams. Devo is for “Baldy-proof” kids, meaning athletes who can ski top to bottom, off-piste & groomed, and who understand safety rules and mountain etiquette.

We practice all-mountain basic skiing and riding, jump and park skills, bump skills and racing techniques with a strong FUNdamental emphasis. SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is designed to introduce and refine skills required to advance within SVSEF’s alpine, freestyle and freeski programs. The SVSEF Baldy Devo program is staffed with experienced, professional coaches who teach age-appropriate skill progressions utilizing U.S. Ski & Snowboard program, in tandem with a host of internal SVSEF skill- and team-building philosophies.

Due to the popularity of the youth programs at SVSEF we are asking that families sign up for either Baldy-Devo or LASAR. Historically, some families have registered for both. If a family wants to sign up for Baldy-Devo and LASAR, they will be put on a waiting list for LASAR. After registration closes, we will reevaluate the overall registration numbers and determine if/how we can accommodate those who are eager to do both. 

The staff at SVSEF is committed to reaching as many young kids as possible who want to explore and enjoy the sport of alpine skiing. 

Fall Conditioning
November 1 – November 17 Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 – 5 p.m.

On Snow, In Season Training Schedule
December 17 – March 26
Two days per week.
Saturday and Sunday, 12 – 3:30 p.m.

Additional Camp Offerings:
Holiday camps (Christmas and spring break) are included as a part of the Devo team experience, and offer specific opportunities beyond regular weekend programming. Times and dates for holiday camps are based on creating safe and appropriate practice opportunities based on crowds, practice space, and conditions.

Baldy Devo Athlete Pledge:

I, __________, pledge to do the following every day I show up for ski team. As soon as I step on the snow, I will:

  • Be willing to learn
  • Be a good listener
  • Have FUN
  • Be a good teammate
  • Respect others
  • Take care of my gear
  • Have a positive attitude
Pass & Membership:
  • Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 season.
  • Must purchase General Non-Competitor US Ski & Snowboard Membership.

Year of birth 2014, 2015, 2016 and must be in 1st grade.

Skill Prerequisites:
  • Must have fundamental skills to ski anywhere/everywhere on the mountain.
  • This program will include a wide variety of skill levels, but athletes must have the inherent desire to learn to be a better skier.
  • Must be independent; able to conduct oneself appropriately when unaccompanied.
  • Must be able to prepare and carry equipment.
  • Responsible and accountable for hydration, nutrition, and proper layering for any weather.
  • Respect teammates, coaches, parents, and all mountain employees at all times.
  • Complete knowledge of Mountain Safety Policies.

All the equipment that makes for a great day on the ski hill:

  • Always bring a SMILE!
  • Jacket – a warm, weather-proof one, please.
  • Ski Pants for all weather.
  • Mittens and/or warm gloves (p.s. mittens are warmer).
  • Neck Gators/Buffs are great for any day.
  • Positive Attitude to share with your team!
  • Helmet and Goggles that are adjusted and fitting well.
  • Poles with Straps – adjust the length by turning the pole upside down and place your hand under the basket. Your arm should be parallel to the ground.
  • Hand Warmers to keep in your pocket.
  • Boots with good fit and soft flex.
  • Skis*: one pair of carving skis or combi ski (slalom/giant slalom mix). Length should be where the tip of your ski reaches between your chin and forehead when standing on end.
  • Ski Pass – please remember your ski pass!
  • Snack – and remember a snack!

*Watch for pre-season email from the coaches with information about ski equipment lease packages through PK’s Ski & Sports and Sturtevant’s.

p.s. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!


Baldy Devo athletes remain with their groups under the supervision of their coach during all training sessions.

  • Must actively communicate needs of athlete including planned absences and injuries.
  • Must register for competitions in a timely manner per team communication.
  • Must complete Team Agreement (Code of Conduct).
  • Must remain actively engaged with team communication method(s) and check schedule/updates regularly.
Communications Overview:

Weekly In-Season emails

Sport: Alpine Skiing
Age: Year of birth 2014, 2015, 2016 and must be in 1st grade.
Ability Level: Must be able to ski Baldy from the top.
Enrollment Limit: 84
Athlete-to-Coach Ratio: 6:1
Price: $1,800

Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 Season.

Team Jackets & SVSEF Apparel:
  • SVSEF works with Sturtevant’s on ordering Team Jackets. Visit the SVSEF online store for further information in the fall.
  • Select SVSEF apparel and accessories are available through the online store.
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