Athletes of the Week

March 14 2021

Jackson Wallace

Jackson Wallace has been a positive force this season. While he’s new to the program, he’s been steadily pushing his skills throughout the year. He is one of the hardest working athletes on the team and is always down to send it, and is constantly in a great headspace for himself and the squad. We’re stoked on his progress and look forward to seeing him shred this spring! – Coach Cassidy Dubois “Queso”

Skyler Jensen

Skyler is a happy, enthusiastic and hard working athlete always interested in trying to change her skiing for the better.  She is in her second year with the North Series team and has made huge improvements in her technique which helped her win the last North Series Team Pastry Cup of the season, March 7th.  It was a Super-All-Terrain Kombi race which involves gates set through bumps into Panels which increase in distance as they get to the bottom.  It is such a pleasure to have Skyler on our team and we look forward to seeing what she can do in our last races of the season coming up at Bogus Basin. – Coach Adele Savaria

Fletch Palmer

Fletch is a newcomer to the North Series team having never alpine raced.  He is a natural athlete which really helped him quickly learn this sport this year.  He fit right in with the team with his great attitude and always got along with his teammates.  It’s been amazing to watch him improve and have his results show it.  We enjoyed having him join us this year and look forward to seeing what he can do in the future!

Irie Black

Her passion for skiing and working hard no matter how cold or windy is why Irie Black is our athlete of the week. With hardly a day missed all season she is lighting up the MWC team and is always raring to go. This week at Rotarun she was consistently laying the ski over and bending it during slalom training.

Irie’s small size and quiet demeanor is a surprise to many when they watch her fierceness on the race-course.  It has been such a pleasure watching her skills improve over the season!

Irie will be competing in the North Series Championships this weekend at Bogus Basin!

The Mini World Cup Coaches are all very proud of her and hope she rips it up this weekend! – Coach Jude Arvidson