Athletes of the Week

February 20, 2021

Nakiah Acacia

It’s hard to pick just one out of the crew because so many of them are motivated to work so hard on the mountain and in the barn, but this week’s Mini Xer AOW is Nakiah Acacia.  Nakiah has gotten compliments from every coach who has had him for being coachable and mindful.  When an athlete takes your advice and notices a really positive effect, it sort of makes it all worth it as a coach.  Nakiah has a technical smooth style from being brought up by racers in the Cascades, and is inspired to get rad off-piste in the Powder.  I think we have a future contender on the Big Mountain scene here. – coach Ben Schumacher

Nina O’Sullivan

Nina arrives at practice with a huge smile and a “Yes, I’d love to!” attitude every day.  From rocking the Rip-a-Thon by skiing 30 laps (!)  to skiing the 15km Boulder Mountain Tour, Nina makes the most of everyday she is on skis.   She is a kind & tenacious 2nd grader, and truly leads her teammates by her own “every-day-I- get-to-ski-is-a-great-day”  example.  Keep having fun out there, Nina, and thank you for being an AWESOME Devo Skier! – Coach Martha Pendl

Alex Cruz
Alex is brand-new to the sport but shows up every day like he’s been skiing his entire life. He is always one of our first skiers to have his equipment on and start skiing. With his consistently positive attitude, and excitement about learning, he leads through demonstration. I have a feeling he’ll be a positive member of the cross-country team for years to come! – Coach Emily Williams