Athlete of the Week: December 16

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We’re back with Athlete of the Week! SVSEF provides ski and snowboard programming to nearly 700 athletes in the Wood River Valley. Athlete of the Week is an opportunity to highlight individuals who embody the values championed by this organization; sportsmanship, citizenship, character, teamwork, creativity, passion and perseverance. 

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Peyton Sundberg competes on SVSEF’s Alpine FIS Team. When I think of Peyton, the word that comes to mind is consistency. Peyton steadily works at her craft day in and day out. Peyton does a phenomenal job with her conditioning, and that was noticeable immediately when we hit the snow in November! On snow, she diligently woks on her form and tactics. Peyton takes a lot of runs, and is determined to improve. She represents what we love to see from Alpine FIS athletes. Peyton is passionate about the sport, she is committed to improving her craft, and she has excellent character.
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Austin has been a part of our SVSEF family over the past few years. He is consistently one of the most thoughtful and kind athletes out there. His dedication is unwavering; at the beginning of the dryland season, Austin came up with the goal of learning a backflip on the trampoline. He has spent countless hours working on it,and recently achieved his goal. Austin is a joy to have on the team, and sets a good example both in his training and in his everyday approach to life.
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New to cross country skiing, this enthusiastic and infectiously happy girl decided to make her first try at skating at the Winterstart race last weekend. What an accomplishment! She is a kind teammate, up for a challenge and willing to try every day she comes to practice, on dry land or on snow. It is an honor to be around her bright and shining smile. There is no telling where Vivian might go when she sets her mind to it.