Athlete of the Month, November – Maddie Ferris

maddie_skiing  madison_headshot_sm
For the athlete who has grown up on snow, who knows what a good turn feels like and who has cultivated a love for the sport, dryland training can drag on for a bit; especially when we’re still patiently waiting for more of the natural stuff to fall into place while December quietly creeps in. Dedication is indeed a virtue in these circumstances for the SVSEF athlete; with this in mind, our inaugural SVSEF athlete of the month for the 2016-2017 season is Maddie Ferris, for embodying this and embracing the rigors of dryland training in the lead up to what is sure to be a season with plenty of snow, soon enough.
Maddie is an alpine skier on the SVSEF Alpine USSA Team, and is a tenth grader at the Community School. After a number of successes last season, she has been working hard to make gains both in the weight room and with on-snow technique. Maddie has been putting in the time, and the benefits of doing so are showing through. Aside from the sessions here at home, she has attended three training camps, in Mammoth, Colorado, and New Zealand. Said Will Brandenburg, Head USSA Coach, “Maddie has had a great offseason. She worked hard to make some major improvements on snow, and off the snow she dedicated herself to the gym, making huge changes in her strength. She has pushed herself to new limits and it has been super fun to see the hard work!”
We’re looking forward to seeing how Maddie’s commitment and resolve translate onto snow this season.