Jesse Keefe

What team/sport are you competing in?

I’m currently on the U.S. Para Alpine National Team.

How has the transition been from racing for SVSEF to where you are now?

The transition was way more difficult than others, mainly because I transferred from a mostly able-bodied program into a Paralympic sport very quickly. Even though both of these programs are for the same sport, their differences were much more than I thought.

What has SVSEF taught you, that you continue to use in your everyday life?

Overall SVSEF presented me with the best possible path to joining the National Team.

What is something you wish an older alumni told you when you were a young SVSEF athlete?

I wish older Alumni had told me, “Regardless of our differences, each individual possesses the ability to accomplish anything they set their mind to.” I think hearing that when I was young and was still a little uncomfortable with my disability would have motivated me.

Do you still feel connected to SVSEF?

I still feel a solid connection to SVSEF. I have been offered to ski with them even though I’m not with the program anymore. The support I got from SVSEF is something I will never forget. I plan to stay in contact with Gladys, Will, Scotty, the Savarias, and the other coaches who have pushed me to where I am today.