Addie Rafford

What team/sport are you competing in?
I just wrapped up my rookie year competing on the Freeride World Tour in the female ski division.

How has the transition been from competing with SVSEF to now?

SVSEF is quite different now in comparison to when I was involved. I joined the program when I was really just learning to skiand to witness how the organization has developed over the years into what it is today is extremely impressive. There was no Big Mountain team until I had nearly graduated from the program. Freeride wasn’t even considered to be a real sport and now it’s the fastest-growing discipline in skiing. All of that aside, the transition for me was seamless because of the role SVSEF played in building my character.
What has SVSEF taught you that you continue to use in your everyday life?
SVSEF is largely responsible for my confidence to be independent in my career. I have never been one for rules or structure especially when it comes to skiing. I was offered freedom, but then at the same time, felt as though I had to pull my weight because I was participating in a team sport, even when at the end of the day you ride for yourself. I am thankful to have experienced this balance, because of it, I am able to travel the world and pick out lines and experience new places, people, and cultures without a second thought.
What is something you wish older alumni told you when you were a young SVSEF athlete?
Take full advantage of the world-class riding out your back door, and facilities like the Air Barn. Immerse yourself in every discipline. Learn to turn, jump, slide a rail, hit a cliff, and snowboard, and when you are given creative freedom to make your own style you’ll be able to pull from every skill.
Do you still feel connected to SVSEF?
I’ll feel connected to SVSEF for as long as I come home and see a group of groms lined up to launch themselves off the Plaza jump.
Do you wish to be more connected with SVSEF alumni?
I am forever grateful to all of my past coaches and teammates. Making time in the future to ride with the young guns on team is an intent of mine. They’ll teach me more than I can teach them.