2019-2020 Alpine Awards

To kick off the 2020-2021 season the Alpine Team would like to recognize the following athletes for their tremendous efforts last season. Although we weren’t able to celebrate together in person, we still want to take the time to highlight all the athletes that continue to put in the work!


Most Improved

Buey Grossman: Buey made significant improvements to his speed and rankings last season.  This was a testament to a lot of miles on skis, continual effort to improve his form, and a multitude of factors coming together at the right time!  Buey improved his slalom points by 38% and his GS points by 37%.  Those point % improvements are outstanding for a 2nd year FIS athlete!  A good season is if you improve your tech points by 20% as a 2nd year FIS athlete.  Buey qualified for US Nationals which was postponed due to COVID.  This would have been the highest level of National competition that Buey would have competed in.  Congratulations on a great season to Buey!

Kaija Dybdahl: Last season was Kaija’s first season with SVSEF.  In Kaija’s short time with the team, she took every advantage of the increased volume of training opportunities provided to her compared to past seasons.  Kaija improved her points and rankings throughout the season, but what stuck out was her willingness to try, and her fearlessness in doing so.  Kaija pushed her comfort zone regularly and wasn’t afraid to fail.  In doing so, she has made excellent improvements in her technique, fitness, and experience.  Kaija has formed a solid foundation that will only take her ski racing to the next level as she begins another season with SVSEF.  Good luck this season Kaija!


Passion Award – 

Oliver Brockway: Last season was Oliver’s first season with SVSEF.  Oliver has exuded nothing but passion since walking in the door at SVSEF.  Oliver puts everything he has into any training session provided to him, whether that is grinding every last rep in the gym, or taking one more run at training trying to find that perfect arc!  Harnessing all that passion and potential speed is the trick, and Oliver had some fast runs as well as some rough stretches of struggling to earn the results he so desires.  Passion and perseverance is driving Oliver, and he is laying the groundwork for the future!  Keep up all the effort and passion Oliver!

Dasha Romanov: Last season was filled with overcoming adversity for Dasha Romanov!  Passion for the sport of ski racing helped propel Dasha through a season where she typically taped her own ankle (sprained for the 7th time in September then she had surgery following the season) then stuffed it into a ski boot, recovered from a concussion that kept her off the hill for nearly a month, all while finishing 3rd at US Jr. Nationals in slalom as a first year FIS athlete!  Dasha is tough, and she is unapologetic about wanting to excel as a ski racer!  Whether in the gym or on the hill, there is no mistaking Dasha’s passion.  Her passion is infectious as she is a positive influence on the rest of the team.  Dasha has challenging goals and is not afraid to go for them!  She went through a lot last season and still had an outstanding year!  We are looking forward as to where Dasha’s passion, talent, and fast turns will take her this season.  Good luck Dasha!


The Engl Award is one of the most prestigious awards SVSEF presents. Recipients of this award have demonstrated excellence throughout the season in the following areas – development of skiing skills, sportsmanship and excellence in education. Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Charlie Snyder and Carly Walther-Porino!


The Leif Odmark Award is presented to the athletes who demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship. Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Blake Bathum and Peyton Sundberg!


Mountain Kidd Award – 

Buey Grossman: The mountain kid award goes to an athlete who exhibits what it means to be a “mountain kid”.  Buey is a mountain kid in that he enjoys the many aspects that the mountains and outdoors provide.  Buey is not just a gate jock!  He enjoys all types of skiing on the mountain or in the backcountry.  In the summers Buey can be found on the rivers or oceans playing and competing in his kayak.  Buey will continue to compete in ski racing this season as a PG athlete.  Along with racing this season, I am sure Buey will carve out some time to make some powder turns as well!


Most Improved – Jesse Keefe & Anabel Viesturs


Passion Award – Nils Galloway & Maya Lightner







Mountain Kidd Award – Taylor Rixon


Coaches Award

Abel Marx: Whether it’s working hard at dryland, mastering his free-skiing, or crushing a GS course… Abel Marx is your man!  Throughout this season Abel really started to come in to his own.  He may have started the season sweating the small things, but his technique and tactics were impressive.  His positive attitude matured through the season, and he pushed himself and his teammates to new limits! Can’t wait to see what he has in store next season!

Eden Gardner: I remember when Eden told me she had gotten a fitness ladder for her house. That’s when I knew she was really dedicated to this season! From the get go at dryland and in to racing season, Eden’s effort was unmatched. Each day she pushed herself to figure out tactics and edge pressure in the turn, and it definitely paid off!  She also led by example with her teammates, and always lent a helping hand with clean-up on and off the hill. The sky’s the limit Eden!


Most Improved – 

Bodin Lee: Bodin has always had a great fundamental base.  His love for skiing is remarkable! Throughout the season, Bodin’s results started to reflect his hard work.  He was really figuring out how to kick it in to the next gear, and it was awesome to see him have these break-throughs!  Keep working hard Bodin, speed is on your side!

Scarlet Rixon: From start to finish, this girl has made some incredible changes. I remember a specific day of training slalom on Arc Park, where in consecutive runs Scarlet kept getting faster and faster! Something clicked that has let loose a new girl; one who attacks every turn and really charges each run. Watch out for Scarlet next season!


A number of the photos above were taken by Amanda Stelling. Check out more of her work here: https://amandastelling.com/


Coaches Award –

Alyssa Huntsman: For two straight years Alyssa brought positivity and fun to North Series. She was a friend to everyone on the team, listened to the coaches and elevated everyone around her with her incredible energy.  We wish her much success in the coming years!

Jay Blackburn: Jay consistently raised the bar for the North Series team last season. Whether at training or on race day, Jay pushed the limits and came back successfully from a prior injury. He wanted to ski fast, worked hard to achieve his goals, and led by example. We’re excited to see Jay progress at the next level!


Most Improved:

Ruby Campbell: We are so impressed with Ruby’s progression on North Series over the past two seasons. She went from being a tentative skier to trusting herself, regardless of the surface or course conditions. With a quiet determination Ruby broke her own speed barrier and exceled.  We look forward to watching Ruby have a great season this year!

Dominic Dulcich: 2019/2020 was Dominic’s first year with SVSEF (and first-time racing/skiing in gates) and every coach was blown away by his positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve. With such an incredible work ethic, he improved his technique greatly and even ended the season qualifying for IMD Champs! We are so happy Dominic joined SVSEF and can’t wait to see him continue to improve!


Cheeso Mountain Kidd Award – 

Ruby Smith: Ruby showed up for just about every ski team session last year and charged hard at every one of those sessions. She is willing to learn all the skills necessary to be a solid skier. Whether we were skiing the bowls or skiing bumps, Ruby was ready for anything.  We look forward to seeing her continue to her passion for skiing!

Espen Schernthanner: Espen hit almost every jump on Baldy last year. From terrain parks to natural jumps in the bowls, he went off anything and everything. He was always seeking out alternate lines and forging his own path down the mountain. There were many days when Espen started his day at 7am, skiing with his dad on Ski Patrol, and ended his day at 4pm. His enthusiasm for skiing and exploring the mountain was infectious and inspired his coaches and teammates to be more creative. We are excited to have Espen for another season!



Overall Mini World Cup Standings – 

Boys: 1. Wyatt Limburg, 2. Sully Ferries, 3. Henry Flynn

Girls: 1. Elliot Leahy, 2. Colette Duke, 3. Bianca Smith

L to R: Bianca, Henry, Elliot, Wyatt, Sully, Colette

Outstanding Skiers – Hadley Walker & Declan O’Toole


Most Improved – Issy Rossellini & Decker Sinnamon


Coaches Award – Jasmine Smiley & Henry Questad



Congratulations to all athletes! Looking forward to a fantastic 2020-2021 season!