Haley Cutler, fifth in GS at U19/U21 Junior Nationals
  Nine current and former SVSEF athletes made the cut to compete at U.S. Alpine Nationals, held at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, March 25-28. This is the most that have qualified for national championships since the early 90s. Athletes competed across super G, slalom and giant slalom events. As stated by USSA, "the U.S. Championships are a vital part of the USSA's national development program, pitting top club athletes from regional teams around America against U.S. Ski Team veterans from the Audi FIS Ski World Cup tour." The newly instated U19 and U21 Junior National Championships followed right on the heels of Nationals, March 29-30.  


3/25: Super G

Haley Cutler – 10th Skylar Cooley – 18th Kipling Weisel (alum/Gold athlete) – 5th Tanner Farrow (alum) – 23rd John Blackburn – 45th Yuri McClure – 48th  

3/26: Slalom

Cutler – 40 Cooley – DNF 1st run Will Snyder (alum) – 29th McClure – DNF 1st run Blackburn – DNF 1st Weisel – DNF 2nd run Farrow – DNF 2nd run    

3/27: Women’s Giant Slalom

Cutler – 9th Cooley – DNF 1st run  

3/28: Men’s Giant Slalom

Weisel – 10th McClure – DNF 1st run Blackburn – DNF 1st run Snyder – DNF 1st run Farrow – DNS 2nd run    

3/29: U.S. Junior Nationals Giant Slalom

Cutler – 5th Cooley – 24th Blackburn – DNF McClure – 39th