SVSEF Executive Director Shares Survey Results

Hello All,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our year-end organizational survey. This process was simply intended to help us understand if you think the SVSEF does what we say we are do.  We received 125 anonymous responses across all disciplines. Your comments were both insightful and critical to our process of monitoring our performance to better serve you and your children.
To summarize the survey results, over 90 percent reported you are satisfied with the program, feel we were meeting our stated mission and working well with the valley’s educational institutions.  A trend in the comments for two of these questions was that you felt we focus too heavily on the best athletes.  You feel we should make sure that we attend to the needs of all our athletes regardless of their ability. Inclusiveness is the quality you are looking for from the SVSEF.
89 percent of respondents feel our athletic /administrative staff meets the needs of athletes and families. 87 percent are satisfied with our communications and 84 percent feel we are actively instilling the SVSEF Core Values in our athletes (Passion-Perseverance-Sportsmanship-Teamwork-Creativity-Character). The trending comment on Core Values is we need to stress more teamwork and relationship building between the Snowboard, Nordic, Freestyle/Freeski and Alpine teams.
We take the results of this survey seriously and will use this important data to shape our future efforts. The 2015-16 season is well underway for our coaches and staff and we are very excited for what the coming year will bring.
I want to thank everyone in the SVSEF community for their commitment to the organization and its athletes, coaches, families, and friends.  The SVSEF does a great service for the Wood River Valley as you have verified in your feedback.  We have identified areas of improvement and will continue to strive for advancement in the way we work with kids in all our programs. We are a great team with our sights set on becoming even greater.